Monday, February 9, 2015

Hello Monday

After a relaxing weekend full of beautiful weather, playing outside, and great family time, here's what we're saying hello to this Monday:

Hello busy week!  I'm hosting a Valentine craft playdate today, both the girls have Valentine exchanges at school, and Brantley has a Daddy and Daughter dance on Thursday, so this week will certainly be packed full of love, fun, and lots of goodies!

Hello to de-cluttering and simplifying!  I am making progress on my 40 bags list, and marked two more sections off the list this weekend.  I have been prepping and organizing over 450 baby and kids items to sell at Grayson's preschool spring consignment sale, and am getting rid of all of it! Then yesterday, I just got sick and tired of looking at the clothes in my closet and just being overwhelmed by all the things that didn't fit or I didn't like for one reason or another.  I got ruthless (finally), and cleaned out 47 dresses that I put up for sale on my @shopgoatandlulu instagram page (another sale is tonight at 8pm, so follow me and check it out)!  I hold on to clothes for sentimental reasons, or sometimes just because I like them, whether they fit or not! I keep things because I paid a lot for them, and I keep things because I got great deals on them.  But I finally convinced myself that the only reason I need to hang onto clothes (they are just clothes!!!), is because they fit and I feel good about the way I look in them.  Because no matter what I paid for something, if it only hangs in my closet, it does me no good!  So I started with dresses, and I'm going to move through the rest, until I'm left with a wardrobe of things that fit well that I really like.  And then it'll be time to buy some new things, right?! :)

Hello so many good shows back on TV right now!  I can hardly keep up!  Just on Sunday nights there's The Walking Dead, Downton Abbey, Revenge, and Girls, then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights are big too!  Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, The Mindy Project, Nashville, SVU, Scandal The Blacklist, and more...I'm not sewing enough right now to get enough TV time in!  What are you watching?

Speaking of TV, hello Fifty Shades of Grey trailers!  Is anyone else excited to see the movie?!  Though, I am a little freaked out by Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey, since I just watched the second season of The Fall on Netflix, where he plays a serial killer...yikes.  Hopefully it won't blow the whole thing for me.

Hello new refrigerator!!! Our fridge has been on the fritz for a few months now, and we finally gave in.  Some sort of something is broken, and the cold air coming into the refrigerator isn't regulated correctly, so the fridge constantly freezes everything which is beyond frustrating.  When a cranky little boy wants his milk first thing in the morning and the gallon is frozen it is no fun.  Or when you bring home a huge load of fresh veggies from the store only to have them freeze overnight and be ruined, it makes you crazy!  So we picked out a new one that will arrive on Thursday.  I am also excited that it will be brand new and nice and clean!  Hooray! #thingsgrownupsgetexcitedabout

That's about it for me today.  What are you saying hello to today?  Hope your week starts of well!

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