Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

TGIF!  Another busy week in the books, and we are ready for a pretty low key weekend.  But first, my Friday Favorites!

Favorite Show from the 90's:
Saved by the Bell

I used to watch Saved by the Bell four times a day every day.  I crushed on Zack Morris for years, and have seen every single episode (even the old ones with Miss Bliss, and the beach club summer ones, and oh yes, the college years).  So imagine my excitement (along with pretty much every single friend of mine on Facebook yesterday) when there was a surprise reunion on Jimmy Fallon!!  My favorite show and my favorite talk show host?  Perfection.  If you are one of he three people in the country that hasn't seen the slip, enjoy it below.  You're welcome. :)

Favorite Dress from the SAG Awards:
Lupita Nyong'o

I don't watch many of the awards shows anymore, with the exception of the Oscars, but I certainly tune into all the gossip rags the next day to check out what everyone was wearing!  I thought that this dress that Lupita Nyong'o wore was so different and so stunning!  Very different and unexpected, and so beautiful!

Favorite Sandals for the Summer:
Swedish Hasbeens

Since we in the South refer to Atlanta based groundhog General Lee instead of Punxutawney Phil for our Groundhog Day spring predictions, I am pretty pumped that that little rodent didn't see his shadow this year and predicted an early spring!  Fine by me!  I'm tired of the cold weather and ready for dresses with bare legs and sandals.  I have been a huge fan of Swedish Hasbeen sandals for a while now, so I about died the other day when I happened upon an AMAZING sale on Amazon!!  Hasbeens rarely go on sale anywhere, but Amazon was slashing prices, and I got the above beauties for $33, when they are $129 regular price!!!!!  I got them in nude since I plan on wearing them with pretty much everything all summer long.  They still have some great deals available on them, especially if you wear sizes 9-11.  Here's hoping that General Lee was right and I get to wear these soon!

Favorite Thing We've Gotten in the Mail Lately:
Homemade Get Well Cards

All three kids were sick at the same time a few weeks ago, and each of them had a rough go of it.  But what a wonderful surprise they received in the mail...the most precious handmade Get Well Soon cards from their cousin Maddie!  Maddie wrote personalized messages in each card, and decorated them with lots of Frozen stickers and pictures, which the kids loved!  Even Ben got Olaf and Kristoff stickers! It made the kids so happy to know they were being thought of, and I was nearly crying looking at them too, it was so sweet!  So THANK YOU, Maddie!  How thoughtful to make cards for the kiddos when they weren't feeling well.  They loved them!!

Favorite Thing Planned for the Weekend:
Rearranging the Guest Room

I know it doesn't sound like much fun to most people, but I adore rearranging rooms and furniture!  I used to rearrange my bedroom constantly when I was growing up, and still love changing out pieces of furniture and trying new things in different places.  Scott decided that he was tired of trekking to the dungeon of our cold, unfinished basement (which I would loooove to finish one day) for his office, and that he wanted to use the guest room on our main floor as his office.  So, we'll be moving up his desk and printer, and hopefully sprucing up the room a bit.  He wanted my help, so he's gonna get it, and with my input, it's not going to be a bare-bones office. We have to make it work with the bed we have in there for our (infrequent) overnight guests, and I don't want it to be just a desk with piles of paper and a bed.  I'm thinking creative organization solutions, some pretties hung up on the wall, and efficient use of space.  Hopefully he'll share my vision. :)

And that's it for me today!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  See you Monday!

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