Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites

For Friday Favorites today, I was going to feature my sweet Gracie girl, but unfortunately, she is feeling under the weather. :(  She ran a fever on Wednesday, but it was gone on Thursday (thank goodness), but a yucky cough and tons of congestion hung around anyway.  As I'm writing this, she's laying on the sofa (mid-day, which is very atypical for her), watching the Princess and the Frog (definitely not atypical :)), so I didn't want to interrupt her.  So stay tuned for her little video next week, and say a prayer that this yucky cold/virus/whatever clears up quickly for her!
So, here are 5 of my favorites lately...

Favorite Luna Bar:  Cherry Pie

I have been sticking with my Whole 30 program this week (for the most part...I have to admit I cheated and had some wine!), and Luna bars have carried me through when I really needed a quick emergency snack.  They are made of only about 3-5 ingredients, gluten free, grain free (most of them-check the labels), dairy free, no added sweeteners, etc. They are the perfect Whole 30 snack.  The Cherry Pie flavor is only unsweetened cherries, almonds and dates, and are delicious!  The cherries are tart and the dates bring sweetness, and they are a great sub in for a candy bar or other granola bar I might reach for otherwise.  They are great to carry in my purse for carpool too, when I might be tempted to run through the drive-thru... :)

Favorite Candy Bar When I Am Not on Some Crazy New Year's Cleansing Diet: Snickers

And I CANNOT WAIT to have one when my 30 days is up.  So much for learning to curb my unhealthy cravings... #sorrynotsorry #ireallywantasnickers

Favorite Recent Picture of Bennett:

My big boy!  We had two days of gorgeous springtime-like weather earlier this week, and we spent the afternoons outside, which was so nice.  I did some painting projects, and Ben and Gracie colored with sidewalk chalk, chased each other through the grass, and Ben had a big time pulling the bark off a few pine trees (you know, boy stuff).  Those bare feet (he hates wearing shoes and socks), and that sweet smile ("show me your teeth, Ben!") just kill me every time I look at this picture. :)

Favorite New Spring Girl Fabrics for Goat & Lulu 

As much as I love picking out the new seasonal fabrics for Goat & Lulu a few times a year, it is always so overwhelming because I am such a fabric nut and there are so many beautiful choices readily available online!  It is so hard for me to narrow down the options I make available to my customers.  I want a variety of color and pattern, but also keeping in mind what i think will sell the best, and also personal preference!  So this is what I came up with for Spring 2015, and I am in love with every one of them.  Feminine florals are always really popular, and I have had a lot of response to tribal and geometric prints, so I included some of those as well, in some pretty spring colors.  What are your favorites?  I am particularly partial to 7, 11, and 24!

Favorite New Spring Boy Fabrics for Goat & Lulu 


There are plenty of cute boy fabrics available as well, just not as many as girls, so there are slightly fewer boy options for spring.  But WOW!  How cute are these boy prints?!  I already have plans for those adorable patchwork madras fabrics, and I love all the nautical inspired options.  They scream summer to me, and I can't wait to make some sweet jon jons for romping around on the beach.  12, 14, and 15 are my faves, what about you??

And with that, I am off today!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and are able to enjoy some of your favorite things with your favorite people. See you Monday!

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