Thursday, January 8, 2015

40 Bags in 40(ish) Days

If you read my 15 in 2015 post the other day, you would've seen that one of my resolutions/goals/things to work on for the year is to declutter this house!  We will have lived here 4 years this April, and it blows me away thinking about all the things (read: junk, trash, unnecessary objects) we've accumulated in that amount of time!  Moving from our two bed-two bath Atlanta condo into our house out here in the burbs definitely allowed us to expand and add to our furniture and decor stockpile, but we also stuff things in closets instead of getting rid of them, and we have the room to store clothes/old toys/junk that would be put to better use by being donated, sold or trashed!

SO...this is my year.  I feel it.  I have already been on a pretty good roll since the New Year began, and we have taken 5 big black trashbags full of old baby toys, old baby clothes and some of my old clothes to Goodwill, but we have a long way to go.  I came across this program on Pinterest a few years ago called 40 Bags in 40 Days, and always thought it was a great idea.  You write down 40 places all throughout your house that you need to clean, organize and/or declutter, and attack one every day for 40 days.  Some will be more work than others, but it's an easy way to clean up your house without getting overwhelmed, since you only take on one room (or section of a room) per day.  This is my game plan for attacking the clutter in our house this year!  But, I'm not going to quite do 40 bags in 40 days, since I don't think I can realistically commit myself to another daily challenge (I am still on the Whole 30!), but I am going to work on my 40 bags over probably about 80 days.  A room/section every other day or so?  I think I can probably handle that.

So, here's my list.  Here's my 40 places that I intend on throwing out 40 bags of trash from.  I am breaking down sections and rooms so I can easily complete each task in a relatively short amount of time, so that I'll be more likely to actually get this done!  If I were trying to declutter my entire closet or entire kitchen in one day, I would be much less likely to even attempt it!

1. Kitchen Pantry
2. Kitchen Desk (aka catch all area) and Coffee Bar
3. Fridge/Freezer
4. Upper Kitchen Cabinets
5. Lower Kitchen Cabinets
6. Kitchen Drawers (I could probably do this while dinner is cooking!)
7. Laundry Room
8. Dining Room
9. Bennett's Room
10. Bennett's Closet
11. Guest Bathroom
12. Guest Bedroom
13. Guest Bedroom Closet 
14. Hall Closet
15. Den
16. Den- Toy Bins and Under the Sofas
17. Playroom
18. Master Bedroom
19. Master Bedroom Drawers
20. My Closet- Shoes
21. My Closet- Clothes (stay tuned for a closet cleaning sale on IG!)
22. My Closet- Jewelry and Accessories
23. Scott Closet
24. Master Bathroom (throwing out some old, raggedy towels!)
25. Master Bathroom Drawers and Cabinets
26. Craft Room
27. Craft Room- Fabric Organization
28. Girls Bathroom
29. Upstairs Playroom
30. Girls Bedroom
31. Girls Closet
32. Basement- Kids Clothes (stay tuned for another IG sale!)
33. Garage- General Cleaning
34. Garage- Baby Stuff to Sell, Trash, or Donate
35. Garage- Outdoor Toys 
36. Car (don't forget to clean out your car in the process!)
37. Back Porch 
38. Backyard

And I leave a few open at the end for anything you may have forgotten or may need to stretch into two days:

39. Kitchen- Under the sink (forgot about this one!)
40. OPEN

What do you think?  Would this be a program you could handle to get your house cleaned out and in shape for the New Year?  What would be on your list?  What might I have left out??

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