Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Recap

Happy Monday, friends!  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are getting back into the swing of things this morning, I know we are (or trying to, at least).  I thought I'd share our quiet little holiday and our laid back Thanksgiving today.

This is the third year that we have stayed home for Thanksgiving and not traveled, and it has made the holiday very laid back and relaxing for my family.  We miss our extended families, but to be able to celebrate at home, without having to spend time packing or traveling in the car, is truly priceless, and gives my little family of five some really good quality time together.  But this year, we had company!  My mom and dad didn't have any plans, and my grandmother too, so the three of them joined us for Thanksgiving Day, which was so nice!  Plus, my mom is an amazing cook, so having another contributor to the meal was really nice, and fun to cook with her in the kitchen!

So first things was first, I got the bird in the oven about 9am.  This was my first time making a whole turkey, but I felt pretty confident with all my experience roasting whole chickens, I just knew this would take a little longer! 

We were planning on eating about 1:00, but I knew there would be some grumbley tummies, so I put out a few appetizers to keep the guests appeased. :)

I made traditional Southern Pickled Shrimp via Hugh Acheson's recipe...

...and a White Cheddar Cheeseball with Cranberries and Pecans.

Both were really, really good.  I have made a New Orleans-style barbecued shrimp that I actually like better than the pickled shrimp recipe, but they were still delicious.  And I love a good cheeseball!  You can't go wrong with white cheddar and cranberries, yum!

Getting a picture of my little monkies was about like catching a glimpse of bigfoot, so all my pictures are blurry or someone is crying, or both...

...but gosh, were they cute!

I found these precious smocked turkey dresses online at the last minute for an amazing  price, and couldn't resist!  

And I had some extra turkey embroidered brown corduroy, so I threw together a pair of pants for Ben to match. :)  Can't resist matching. :)

The girls helped me and mom finish up the sides, and were ready to go!

The turkey actually came out a little earlier than I was expecting, and was perfect!

We had a simple table setting, but I was so excited to use my china (I try to use it every opportunity I can!), my grandmother's silver (and she recognized it right away!), and my late grandmother's glassware all at our table.  Things like that are so special to me, since both sides of my family have a rich history of food and cooking.

And my favorite part...the sides!  Mashed Potatoes (I swear by the Pioneer Woman's recipe), Cornbread Dressing (my mom's recipe), Squash, Collard Greens, Green Beans, Cranberry Sauce, Fruit Salad, Rolls, and a Relish Tray.  ALL my favorites! 

We enlisted Dad to carve the turkey and do his part. :)

Pretty Plate!

The kids had their own special table with a tablecloth and special turkey plates and cups, but, of course, they ended up in our laps at the adult table. :)

After dinner, Brantley and Bmama played a bit of Simon Says, and I Spy, and though Brantley wanted to play Tag, they decided to play some less physical games, haha!

A few naps were taken...

...and Christmas gifts were picked out and circled in catalogs.

It was a quiet day full of family, and food, and love, and togetherness.  We missed those who we weren't wth, but we were so thankful for the family we have, near and far.  In the busy life that our family lives and loves, it is always so nice on Thanksgiving, to pare it down and keep it relaxed, and really focus on each other and the amazing gifts that God has blessed us with.  We were and we are truly so thankful.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well, and now, ON TO CHRISTMAS!

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