Monday, December 29, 2014

Hello Monday

Christmas is over, the New Year is upon us, so here are a few things I am saying hello to on this Monday!

Hello to getting this house back in shape!  Whew!  On Christmas Eve, the house was pretty clean.  My mom and dad always told me that Santa wouldn't come to a dirty house, so we always had to clean our rooms to make sure Santa brought us toys (nicely played, mom and dad, nicely played), so that's the intel that I rely to our kids as well.  The playroom was spit-spot, because Brantley was not going to run the chance that Santa may come down the chimney and turn right back round!  BUT...of course, all was destroyed on Christmas morning, and I just let it be for a few days.  On Saturday I couldn't take it anymore, so I started cleaning.  And organizing.  And separating- Keep, Toss, and Donate.  As I was trying to put away all our new Christmas gifts and clean up the den and kitchen, it kind of made me realize how much I really needed to go through everything in the house and simplify.  So I am starting to go through each room...each drawer...each closet...each cabinet...and TOSS.  Or put in it's correct spot.  Or put in a bag to donate (or sell).  But I am bound and determined to cut back and clean up some of this clutter and clear out our house!

Hello new kitchen knives!  Scott got a new knife black full of super duper razor sharp chef's knives and they are so amazing!  But DAMMIT are they sharp!  Scott has cut himself twice now, and I cut a nice big chunk out of my left pointer finger.  Good knives are so, so amazing for cooking and make prep work so much easier, but geez.  I'm going to have to be more careful!

Hello Sickness.  Wamp-wahhhhhhh.  The kids have been harboring runny noses and random coughs for weeks now, but I finally succumbed to whatever yucky bug they have/had.  But, I would SO much rather have it NOW, after Christmas, and after all the crazy rush of Christmas orders is over!  We still have a solid week off of school, so I have plenty of time to recuperate.  Just lots of water, rest, and Vitamin C for this mama!

Hello laid back New Years plans!  For the last several years, we have stayed home and had a big crab leg and steak feast, lots of yummy appetizers, and our favorite champagne (and plenty of wine, of course), and it's been just perfect.  Last year, the girls and I had a "Fancy Party," and they dressed in princess dresses and helped me plan a fun party just for our family of five.  Brantley colored signs and we put out labels for our food, and they toasted with Sprite in plastic champagne flutes, which they loved.  I think we'll do the same thing this year, and add a New Years countdown at noon, since they will certainly miss the real one at midnight!  I am planning on crock pot meatballs, cast iron nachos, crab and artichoke dip, and maybe one other yummy offerings.  I will definitely have Brantley make the labels again, and maybe they'll even perform their very own New Years show for us!

Hello new Goat & Lulu Valentines and Easter Designs!!  No rest for the weary, right?  Actually I have taken the last week off from sewing (except for one or two of my own personal projects here and there!), but have been brainstorming new ideas like crazy.  I have a few new cute designs for Valentines and Easter (it will be here before we know it!) that I am so excited about getting listed in the shop.  So stay tuned for lots of cute new Goat & Lulu items in the shop!

Hello lots of new to-do lists.  I feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted from my shoulders now that Christmas is over, and I feel like there are so many things that can finally get my attention!  I can finally get the kids rooms decorated and done, I can organize the girls clothes, I can clean out the old toys and baby gadgets, I can finally sew some home projects and projects for myself, and I can even sit and watch an hour of tv without feeling guilty!  Hallelujah!!

Hello to a little quality time with Scott!  For the first time in I don't even know how long, Scott and I sat on the sofa, all by ourselves, with no computers, no phones, no nothing, and watched a movie.  No multitasking (though at first I was itching to do something).  But just time to ourselves.  And WOW, was it nice.  We could give each other some attention, both of which we have probably really needed, but have both been too busy to give, and it helped us reconnect.  Which is that much more special around Christmas. :)

So that's what I'm saying hello to this week.  What about you???

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