Friday, November 14, 2014

Five on Friday: When Daddy's Away...

We are pretty lucky that Scott doesn't have to travel too much for business.  He is gone maybe one night a week or so (I guess compared to not traveling at all, that's a lot, but when I was growing up, my dad traveled multiple nights a week, so it doesn't seem like much to me), and is currently on a trip that had him gone last night, and getting back home late tonight.

It never fails that a perfect storm of events always seem to occur when Daddy is out of town.  A couple of fun things that the kids save up for when there is only one parent to discipline, and when they really outnumber said parent, especially when they recruit the dogs onto their side.  So, I thought I'd share five things that always seem to happen when Daddy's away, and all three (five?) little monkeys can play...

One of the dogs (or BOTH! If I'm lucky) always wakes me up at 3am, hacking with that lovely deep-throat gagging, getting ready to throw up all over the place.  I sit straight up in bed, and leap to find the closest towel, so as not to be covered, or have the carpet covered, in dog vomit.  Lovely.  The perks of being a dog owner.  

We always run out of one of the necessities.  Toilet paper. Diapers. Milk. Coffee. Wine (kinda joking, but more kinda not.  You know if your husband's out of town and you're home with three kids, wine is a necessity).  And I always realize it at bedtime.  Or the most inconvenient time of day, like right after we've gotten home from picking Brantley up from school, and I have just put my pajamas back on, and have no intention of going back out to the store.  With all three kids and no backup.  Sometimes we make a trip back out in our jammies.  And sometimes we drink lemonade instead of milk ( I keep some powdered Countrytime Lemonade in the pantry as a backup), use baby wipes instead of toilet paper, and mommy stays sober for the night.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, including mommy, is ever happy about the dinner I have planned.  So instead of the healthy and perfectly planned meal I have on our calendar, we eat pancakes, or popcorn, or hotdogs and mac and cheese, or leftover Halloween candy, or something of the likes.  Hey, we get through it, and the kids usually love it. :)  Sometimes, we just get a ton of stuff out of the fridge, and the kids can make their own plates with the smorgasbord of random things they select.  Pickles, grapes, ketchup, and marachino cherries?  Why not!

Something that calls for a midday bath.  Grayson, especially.  She has been very interested in how body lotion will look and feel in her hair, or to see if she can cover every inch of her arms and legs in black Sharpie.  Sometimes she coerces Ben to help her out.  That's fun.

And of course, there's the multiple child meltdown.  This is a guarantee when Daddy's out of town.  And in fact, there's usually a mommy meltdown somewhere in there too.  It seems that just none of us can hold it all together when Daddy's gone!

So, we will be counting down the hours (minutes?) until Daddy gets home tonight and we can do more of this:

Our family is just not the same until Daddy is home!

I hope you have a great weekend!!  See you next week!

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