Friday, October 17, 2014

I am SOO Glad it's Friday

Gracie and Ben looking through the Fisher Price Little People catalog, naming everything they want from Santa (which was EVERYTHING :))

Can I just say that this has been a hard week.  It started out with Gracie catching a yucky cold and throwing up on Monday (which was thankfully a teacher workday/student holiday, but Brantley's parent/teacher conference was scheduled for that day and we had to miss it).  The sickness continued on Tuesday, but Mother Nature decided to open the sky up on us, so we had yucky, snotty colds and pouring down rain.  Wednesday, Scott left to go out of town for three days, Brantley started coughing, and Ben started too.  Yesterday, Ben started running a fever, I had a horrible day, and had to run a few necessary errands with two cranky, sick kiddos.  I've just been pushing through each day this week, and thankful that we have a new day each morning to start over.

But today, we are home.  In our pj's.  My glasses are on, my hair is three days unwashed (thank GOD for the most awesome new dry shampoo I got in the mail), I am drinking coffee by the potfull, and am just glad Scott will be home tonight and we don't have to get up early or at any particular time tomorrow.  And then the best part, next week is FALL BREAK.  Brantley and Grayson get the whole week off school, which means mama is off the hook from getting up at the crack of dawn (after staying up too late) and getting three kids and myself ready for the day before a cup of coffee.  Before school started, I was very aware that the change in routine might be hard on Brantley.  The transition from summer laziness to a school year schedule might take some time, but I was COMPLETELY unprepared for how it was going to affect me!  I am much more productive when on a schedule, but it is EXHAUSTING.  And I know that we are a solid three months in now, but I'm still just getting the hang of it.  Before Brantley started Kindergarten, I always thought that Fall Break was kind of silly, but now I am thanking the good Lord that it's on the calendar. I'm pretty sure school breaks are as much for the parents as they are for the kids.

ANYWAY.  So if you were wondering where I was all week, I was wiping snotty noses, running errands in the rain, taking temperatures, changing sheets, sewing Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas orders, trying to keep the kitchen in some working order, remembering to brush my teeth (at lunchtime, by the way), and truly just trying to keep it all together.  Life is not always pretty or cheerful or bloggable, but it's real, and it's worth sharing, I guess, right?  

So here's to a good weekend, and a fun Fall Break next week.  I have a lot planned for the kids and I, but to be honest, we may just throw some of the plans out the window and just relax.  A few movie marathon and jammie days, and just recharge our batteries.  I'm going to play it by ear, and follow the kids lead, instead of making them follow mine, and do as much, or as little, as they like.

I hope you have a GREAT weekend, and I'll hopefully be back to more posting next week!  I'll probably play that by ear too. :)  TGIF!

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