Monday, October 6, 2014

Hello Monday

Today I am just counting my blessings, and saying hello to my darling baby boy after a rough weekend.  We had a super scary trip to the Emergency Room last night with my little boy, and I'm just glad it's a new day.

Ben started running a fever Saturday morning, but woke up really hot on Sunday.  He has a history of febrile seizures (when a small child has a seizure because of a quick spike in temperature, usually brought on by a virus), so I started loading him up with Motrin andTtylenol.  But despite my best efforts, he had a seizure mid-morning, and another one mid afternoon (his 11th and 12th seizures to date).  After his afternoon seizure, I took his temperature which registered 105 degrees.  My heart dropped.  My kids have had plenty of fevers, but we have never had one that high before.  I called his pediatrician and my mother in law (who is a nurse), but I knew what the plan was without really needing confirmation from them: we were headed to the hospital.

I gave Ben another big dose of Tylenol, and we flew to the closest hospital, and were seen quickly.  His temp had already started dropping (he registered 102.8 when we arrived in triage), but obviously, we needed to see the doctor to get the full scoop.  Every.single.time Ben has previously had a seizure, it was a virus, but I was really hoping that it was some sort of infection (as horrible as that sounds), just so he could be given some medicine to knock it out, instead of having to ride out a virus.  The doctor checked him out, and with a look at his throat, he knew immediately that we were dealing with strep throat.  Poor buddy, but THANK GOODNESS.  I was actually relieved to know it was just strep and not some other nasty virus (I know I am not the only paranoid mom with all these horrible respiratory illnesses and crazy diseases going around).  Ben got a syringe full of Motrin, a dose of amoxicilin and a steroid, and we were out the door with a popsicle.

I administered Motrin and Tylenol (and no, I promise this is not an ad for either!) every three hours to the minute all night long, and slept with Ben (great timing on that big boy bed!) to make sure his fever stayed down and he was safe all night.  He woke up with a big smile, and a "hi, mommy!", and all was right with the world again.  We're still keeping his fever down with medicine, and he'll be on his antibiotic (which, I realized that this is the first time that he's been on an antibiotic, where Brantley got her first one around 4 months!) for about a week and a half.  But hopefully, we'll be able to kick this nasty strep to the curb and keeping our fingers crossed that nobody else gets it.

Witnessing your child in a febrile seizure must be one of the very worst things a parent can see.  The one reassuring thing, is that as long as they are only associated with fevers and all returns to normal soon afterwards, there is no risk of neurological damage.  It's just a horrible, horrible side effect of having a fever in some kids.  Most children grow out of them by the time they're 5-6 (Brantley had a few too, but hasn't had one in about 2 years), but when they're so little, it's truly heartbreaking.  Bennett's last one was particularly hard to watch, because his breathing was so shallow that his face started to turn blue.  I think I actually do a pretty good of of staying calm and just keeping him safe during these episodes, but I about lost it when I couldn't tell if he was breathing.  Thank God Scott was right with me and could help me hold him and keep it under control.  And though I am pretty stable during the seizures, I cry after every single one, and don't let my boy leave my sight for quite some time (I'll probably sleep with him again tonight).

SO...Hello Monday.  Glad to see you.  And SO glad that my baby boy is here to see you too.

Meal Plan Mondays will be back next week :)

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