Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Hello there!  Yes, I know, I know, I have been MIA the past week.  But not without reason.  But that's another post for another day, and I'll fill you in on all I've been up to later this week.  Today I thought I'd share a fun little activity we did last week that would be fun to do this week, as we count down the days to Hallowen!

I love a good festive, seasonal treat, and the kids and I had the most fun the other day with a HUGE sheet of Rice Krispie Treats!  I was in Wal Mart looking for a fun craft to do last weekend, and found these enormous "monster treat sheets" of Rice Krispie Treats, which I think are brilliant, and knew the kids would love decorating them!  So I grabbed one (about $9), some sprinkles and cookie cutters, and we had some fun with a bunch of icing we already had at home. 

The cookie cutters worked great cutting through the treats.  I had never thought to use cookie cutters on Rice Krispie treats before, but they would be great to use for birthday parties or school events, and especially when you decorate them!

Ben and Grayson liked eating the icing and the sprinkles right off, while Brantley really enjoyed decorating the treats. Grayson must've put a layer of frosting about an inch thick on hers/ ;)

Mommy had fun decorating too! :)

We cut out about 12 treats, and still had over half the sheet left.  These sheets would even be fun to cut in half and stack them, layer frosting between then, and use them as a birthday cake!

These Halloween Rice Krispie Treats ended up being a yummy and fun way for the kids to create a festive snack and made for a sweet afternoon!

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