Friday, October 10, 2014

Five on Friday

What my 7pm-2am looked like every night this week!
Oh Mah Gah, y'all.  What a week (seems like I'm saying that every single Friday these days!).  Started out horrible, and ending pretty good.  Weeks that only improve as the days progress are few and far between, so I'll take it!  Sharing a few end-of-week randoms today for Five on Friday. :)

Fall TV is back on!  Hooray!!!  I know we're a few weeks in, but my sewing time at night is full of Olivia Pope, Mindy Lahiri, and Lieutenant Matt Casey again!   Ever since I started watching my nightly tv via Hulu and Netflix (except for a few shows that Scott and I DVR and watch together on the weekends- Parenthood, Shark Tank, and ne or two more), I now follow a ridiculous number of shows.  My faves: Blacklist, Revenge, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Nashville, The Mindy Project, Law and Order SVU, Scandal, Grey's (will it ever just end???), among a few others.  They also just added season  of Walking Dead to Netflix, so I've been watching that too.  So much good tv right now!!

I have also been reading a bit lately!  When you say?  Yeah, so I only get the opportunity to sit and read is the 30 minutes I'm sitting in the car waiting for Brantley in carpool every afternoon.  And actually, those are the quietest and some of the most treasured moments of my day!!  Grayson usually takes a catnap, and Bennett watches a movie in the backseat, and I can mindlessly flip through my phone, actually make a phone call, or read using my kindle app!  I read Divergent a few weeks ago, which I really liked.  It reminded me a lot of Hunger Games, which I really loved, and I went ahead and bought the other two books in the trilogy to read as well.  I watched the movie the other night, which was okay, but (as is usually the case), it wasn't as good as the book.  Kind of disappointing, actually.  Not terrible, but the book was just better.  And speaking of, has anyone seen the Gone Girl movie yet??  It just came out, and I'm dying to see it since I liked that book a lot too.  I think the trailers look good, and worth a shot!  Pretty sure though, I'll have to wait until On Demand... :)

And now I'm reading The Fault in Our Stars.  I've heard it's great and that I'll cry my eyes out, so we'll see.  I actually have until Tuesday to finish it, since I'm reading it for my MOMS group Book Club, and I'm hosting our get together Tuesday morning!  We'll be in the car a bit over the weekend, though, and I'm planning on catching up then. :)  I'll let you know how hard I cry. :)  And then I'll watch the movie and cry some more. :)


Thank you so much for all the sweet comments, texts, etc. for my sweet Ben earlier this week. :)  THANKFULLY, after our super scary Sunday we had an uneventful week.  We took it easy Monday and Tuesday, but he was pretty much back to normal on Tuesday, and back to his curious, active, mischievous, charming little self.  He's still on amoxicilin and has one more day of his steroid, but the worst seems to be behind us.  I have to admit, though, I've slept with him every single night all week.  I'm planning on making the move back to my bed tonight (especially since I have also woken up late every single day this week), but honestly, it's made me feel better knowing he's right beside me.  And every mama knows that peace of mind counts for a lot, amiright? :)


Kindergarten pictures.  Could anything be sweeter??  This little girl is loving Kindergarten.  I have the priveledge of being the room mom for her class this year, and am having a lot of fun getting to know her sweet teacher and being involved in her class.  This past week they had an Apple Unit, where they've been tasting all kinds of different apple foods and treats, and using apples to count, add and subtract, and use their sight words to write sentances about apples.  I made a homemade apple pie that I sent in for her class to eat at their big apple party tomorrow, and had to make one for us at home too, since I didn't want to send in a half-eaten apple pie... :)

We have a packed month of October in her Kindergarten class, and the week of Halloween, have an event or activity of some sort literally every single day.  But how fun?!  And how great that I am able to be there for her and be involved and participate actively in her education and her growth.  Definitely one of the perks of being a stay at home mom.


I'm pretty pumped to have a very Fall Weekend planned out for us!  Today we are going to a Food Truck Festival for lunch with some good friends of ours from school, which I have seriously been looking forward to for weeks!  Tomorrow, we're going to a Pig Pickin' for Scott's cousin and his finacee that are getting married next month, and of course, catching up on some family time and watching lots of football.  And Sunday we are making the annual journey to the Pumpkin Patch for some fun hayriding, pumpkin picking, apple cider drinking, and memory making.  Whew!  I'm excited to spend some time outside with the kiddos, and enjoy this beautiful Georgia Fall (even though it's supposed to be in the mid-80's...not very fall-like, Mother Nature...).

What are you up to this weekend?  Whatever you do, I hope you have a great weekend and see you on Monday! 

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