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Fall 2014 Fashion Must Haves

Fall 2014

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times...fall is my favorite season.  The crisp air, the football, the comforting food, but I have to admit the jeans and boots and long sleeves are the best part to me.  I could go out and buy, and buy, and buy jeans, tunics, scarves and sweaters until I turn blue in the face, but, alas, our budget doesn't allow for me to just go out and buy any and everything that my fashion-loving heart desires!  So every season, I compile a list of must-haves that I want for the season, so I can keep an eye out and when I do get to go out and go shopping fr myself, I can focus on the items that will really make my seasonal wardrobe, and add to the pieces that I already have in my closet.  So without further ado, these are MY fashion must-haves for the fall!

Flannel Plaid Dress
It is no big secret that I love to wear dresses.  They're no-brainer, one piece outfits that you can throw on when you oversleep and have three kids to get ready before you head out the door for the day (not that I would know anything about that :)).  I love that plaid is big this fall, and I think a classic shirtdress or shift dress will be great in a pretty plaid for a simple outfit with a lot of visual interest.

Black and White Scarf
This is one item that I am happy to have already picked up!  Anthropologie has been one of my very favorite stores since I worked there after college, but many (read: 99%) of their beautiful clothes are just out of my budget.  Except, that is, when they have a SALE!  And even better, when they have a sale with an extra 25% off!!!  Almost every time Anthro has a sale, I hop on their website and grab something (or things :)) for a fraction of the normal retail cost.  I was happy to snatch up a black and white scarf earlier this month for $20, marked down from $50.  I'm excited to wear it with some neutral black and gray basics for a very easy monochromatic tunic and scarf combo for fall.

Gold Knot Earrings
I wear earrings 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  I am almost never without them in.  For the past few months it's been my basic pearls, which I adore, but I want a bit of a change for the fall.  These beautiful and very classic gold love knots would do the trick.

Aztec Poncho
It seems that the Aztec trend from last fall is staying strong this fall, which I'm pretty pumped about!  I have two tribal cardigans from last year that will be reappearing in newly mixed outfits this fall, but I want something with a little more volume this year.  I actually bought the most beautiful navy and green tribal knit fabric from the fabric store about a month ago with a 50% off coupon, and am planning on making a basic kimono-style poncho for the fall.  Perfect to throw over a long sleeve t and jeans, or a basic gray knit dress and boots.

Gingham Button Up
Another item I just couldn't wait on!  I have a navy and white gingham button up from last year that I like, but I found a larger navy and white buffalo check (like a gingham, but bigger) in flannel from Old Navy and I love it.  It's a boyfriend style fit, so it's not as fitted, and wears a little longer, so I could even just wear jeggings or leggings underneath it with boots and be set.  I also want to layer it with crew neck sweaters, and puffy vests for pretty fall looks.

Wine Nail Polish
I love nail polish, but I do not wear a lot of nail polish.  First, I don't have the luxury of time to sit down and paint my nails, let alone time for them to actually dry without smudging!  Second, even if I did get them painted and pretty, they start shipping after two days (if you're lucky) and then I don't have the time (more like I don't make the time) to take the polish off before it's yucky and chippy.  BUT.  There is just something about having your nails painted that makes you look so put together!  I like my nails short, and love how short nails look when trimmed, and neat, with a shiny coat of pretty polish on.  So.  Here's my plan.  I'm going to buy some of the Sally Hansen 60 minute polish, and paint my nails in the carpool line! I usually have 30 uninterrupted minutes of quiet time (Grayson almost always falls asleep and Ben's entertaining himself with books or movies), which is plenty of time to paint a few coats and let them dry.  And along with the few bottles of polish I buy, I'm going to buy some of the nail polish remover cloths, and if they get chippy, I'll just remove the polish during carpool the next day!  I'll have a little 30 minute nail salon in the console of the Tahoe!  Matter of fact, I think I'm going to try it out today!  And first up will be a beautiful shade of cranberry for the fall.  Let's hope my plan works!

Brown Ankle Booties
Pretty much every outfit I have seen this season is being worn with the cutest ankle booties.  I have a few pairs already, but the ones I have pictured, the Frye Melissa Short Boots, are just perfect.  I plan on wearing booties with everything from jeans to dresses, leggings and tights.  

Long Cream Sweater
A basic cream knit sweater is going to be one of my basics this season.  Worn by itself with jeans and a scarf, under a puffy vest or over my gingham button up, I feel like this is such a great neutral layering piece that i will wear over and over again.  I like the longer length, so it can be worn as a tunic all season long!

Beaded Tassel Necklace
I got a few of these last year and over the summer, and leather tassel necklaces are my favorite piece of statement jewelry this season!  Kind of a bohemian look, I love how they can also bring a pop of color into an otherwise neutral outfit with the fun tassels.

Tall Black Wedge Boots
I have been needing some tall black boots for a while, and I'm looking for something with a great wedge, instead of a skinny or platform heel.  Wedges give me more stability (especially if I'm pushing a stroller or carrying a toddler!), and will provide great versatility in my closet!

Gray Skinny Jeans
This item was the very first thing I bought for the fall.  I knew I wanted an alternative to my very favroite distressed skinny jeans that i wear practically every day, and these great gray jeans totally fit the bill.  The ones I got (Sweethearts from Old Navy) are almost more of a very washed and worn black, so they're dark gray.  I am planning to wear them with a lot of black, but also with a chambray button up and plaid scarf,  right now with a loose white t and slip on sneakers, with my cream sweater and boots once it cools off, and about 1000 other combinations.  They will be another great basic piece for the fall.

Brown Leather Tote
I really want a very basic leather bag for the fall.  I have been carrying a cheap (but really cute!) tan tote from Old Navy all summer long, and it's looking rough.  I love the functionality of it, since I still love a big bag that can hold sippy cups, snacks, and diapers, but it looks very classic.

Leopard Print Slip on Sneakers
Kinda trendy this fall, I do admit, but leopard print is classic.  And I love a good leopard print accessory, and these are so cute!  I grabbed some from Target already (and only $16!), and have worn them with jeans and a white t, with a chambray shirt dress, with a solid gray t shirt dress, and I love how they give a lot of personality to an otherwise neutral (and kind of boring!) outfit.

So those are my main must-haves this season (though I have already come up with a few more that I want to add!).  What are you going to buy this fall?  Anything fun?  I'd love for you to share!

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