Friday, September 19, 2014


Bennett's first birthday, like all first birthdays, was a big milestone and big celebration.  It was of course, the first, there was the smash cake, and his first big celebration all to himself.  But, my last baby was still a baby.  There were still bottles laying around, two naps a day, footie pajamas, and a few words here and there.  

But now, as we celebrate his second birthday today, my baby is growing so beautifully, from our darling baby boy into a spunky, mischievous, sweet, and absolutely irreplaceable little boy.  No longer a baby, Bennett talks in sentences.  He runs everywhere he goes.  He is outgoing and friendly, polite and cheerful.  He is as tall and weighs more than one of his older sisters (and only three pounds shy of the other one!). He loves hugs and holding hands, and reading books, and singing songs, and trucks, cars, trains, planes, dinosaurs, and dogs.  In one short year, he has grown from our sweet baby that completed our family, into the precious little boy I can't imagine our family without.

Maybe that's why two has been a little more difficult for me than one was.  When he turned one, he was still a baby to me.  But as he turns two, I know the baby days are behind us.  And though I look forward to every day with my healthy, growing children, and the fun that the future holds for us as they continue to get older, my mama heart aches knowing my babies are babies no longer.

But, instead of longing for the past and getting caught up in the future, we are going to celebrate my darling Ben TODAY.  His curious eyes and excited smile, his love for his sisters and family, and his enthusiasm for learning and playing and running and jumping and laughing!  Darling Ben, you are the hot sauce in our family, the spice we didn't even know we needed.  We couldn't possibly love you more, and hope you have the happiest of birthdays!

We love you SOOO much, Ben!!  Happy Second Birthday, Buddy!

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