Monday, September 8, 2014

Meal Plan Monday

Hi Friends!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I'm sharing my meal plan for the week again today for Meal Plan Monday.  Here's what the Lutons will be eating this week!

Baked Spaghetti
Caesar Salad

After the busy weekend we just had (more on that tomorrow!), I wanted something easy for Monday.  Spaghetti is a piece of cake go-to for us, and the kids' favorite.  Just to add a little twist to the classic, I'm going to add a block of cream cheese to our typical meat sauce, and combine it with the cooked noodles, pour it into a 9x13 pan, top it with mozzarella and bake it for about 20 minutes for a baked spaghetti!  A simple bagged Caesar Salad will be the perfect addition to the meal.

Barbeque Chicken and Avocado Quesadillas
Fruit Salad

I love the ease and convenience of quesadillas, and the fact that the kids really like them too.  I also like finding new and different flavors besides a traditionally mexican dish.  I thought using barbecued chicken and mozzarella cheese sounded good, and I'm always down for avocado. :)  The kids are fruit addicts, so some bananas, strawberries, and mandarin oranges, and a light coleslaw on the side will be great.

Blueberry Pancakes!
Scrambled Eggs with Ham and Cheese!

I like to keep dinner easy when Scott is out of town or working late.  So, Wednesday night, we're taking the easy (and much-loved) route and having breakfast for dinner!  The kids love pancakes, and breakfast for dinner is such a treat for them.  I love that, since it is certainly an easy dinner!  Scott got a big electric skillet for Christmas last year, and so I'll be able to cook the pancakes, sausage, and eggs all on the same cooktop, with only one thing to clean!  Couldn't make it much easier unless we got take-out. :)

Sauteed Honey Mustard Chicken
Steamed Broccoli

I've been wanting to make this rice for a while, and we haven't been eating much rice lately, since though I'm not on the Whole 30 program right now, I am still trying to limit the amount of bread/rice/potatoes/starch/carbs that I eat.  BUT.  Everything in moderation, even moderation, right?  A little indulgence is good once in a while.  And I'm thinking that this rice sounds like a good indulgence!  So with it, I'm just going to saute some chicken tenderloin strips in smidge of olive oil, and coat them in a mixture of whole grain mustard and honey (about 3:1), and steam some broccoli.  I mean, we're eating STICK OF BUTTER rice, so a little broccoli is in order.

Crockpot Jalapeno, Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup

I thought this soup sounded yummy and pretty light.  I think I'll probably grab a cooked rotisserie chicken from the deli to make it even easier to prepare.

What are you cooking this week?  Did you try anything from last week's menu?  I have to say that my favorite things from last week were the Veggie Bacon Pasta Salad, and the Cheesy Zucchini Bake!  Both really good, and worth keeping in rotation.  Hope we have some more good ones this week!

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