Friday, September 26, 2014

Five On Friday- 5 Quick Things About Me

Hopefully lots of relaxing and chilling on the deck will be done this weekend!

Hello Friends!  TGIF, right?!  I'm ready for a relaxing weekend, and dinner with some old friends on Sunday. And to be honest, I'm pooped.  So I thought for this Five on Friday, I would quickly share 5 (more) things that you may or may not know about me!

 1. I don't like sugary cereal.  I am a chex/crispix kind of girl.  Nothing fruity tasting or even sugary.  Matter of fact, I really don't even like breakfast very much.  Really all I want in the morning is a humongous cup of coffee.  Black.  Or a triple venti non fat latte from Starbucks.  Either will suffice. :)

2. You will almost never catch me without lipstick.  Not lip gloss, but lipstick.  I am a devoted lip stick fan, and it is my favorite and most essential makeup item.  And I think this is hilarious, but within the last few years, Scott has bought a lot of my makeup!!  For a little birthday surprise, or to fill my Christmas stocking, he'll buy me mascara, lipstick (he knows my preference :)), and even concealer!  And the funniest part, I have loved everything that he has bought me!  The concealer is always the right shade, and he picks the prettiest lipsticks!  I buy 100 lipsticks and I might end up wearing 10, but he is batting 1000!  I asked him the other day if there's any rhyme or reason to what he buys, and he told me that he pretty much covers his eyes, reaches out and picks, and buys whatever his hands hit.  Figures!

3. I like to drink white wine in the summer and red wine in the winter.  I rarely deviate.  White wine is too cold for me to drink in the winter, and I might as well be drinking a steaming cup of hot chocolate on a 98 degree August afternoon when I drink red wine in the summer.  Not refreshing at all.  So that's what I stick with.

4. I was a very anxious child.  I used to be terrified to play kickball in elementary school, because I was afraid I'd kick and miss, and the other kids would laugh and make fun of me.  I also hated the game "heads up 7up" (remember that?!) because I never wanted to be picked and have to guess who picked me and guess wrong and have everyone laugh at me (notice a pattern here?!).  I also hated bedtime, but found comfort in the light and the tv being on in the den, when my parents would be watching tv after we went to bed.  The nights that we all went to bed at the same time, and all the lights and the tv was off, I was terrified!  I had to count as high as I could to get myself to sleep, and had all these self-imposed rules, like if I lost count, I had to start over.  And if I opened my eyes, I had to start over.  It's the only way I could fall asleep for the longest time (I have no problem falling asleep at all now!).  I have no idea why I was like this, and was never teased, bullied, or made fun of!  I have noticed some of the same tendencies in Brantley, though, so I'm thinking it may just be a hereditary personality trait.  I guess it's good, though, because I can relate to her bedtime and anxiety issues, and with my experience, can empathize and help her through it.

5. I love cake, but I like pie better.  Cherry pie, Pecan Pie, Coconut Cream Pie, Blueberry Pie, you name it, I'm in.  I think it's actually the pie crust that makes me love it so much.  The savory, slightly salty and buttery crust that contrasts against the sweet filling that makes pie so perfect to me.  Yet, I don;t make them very often.  Maybe that's something I need to work on. :) 

So there it is!  5 more things to help you get to know me a little better. :)  Anything surprise you?  :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and see you Monday! :)

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