Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bennett's Bark at the Park 2nd Birthday

This past weekend we had a small little birthday party for my big boy, and had a puppy themed Bark at the Park!  There is a darling little park hidden in the country near our house, and we got together with a small group of friends and family for a fun little celebration!

I wanted to keep this party very simple, since we had a pretty big party for the girls over the summer, and we've really had a lot going on lately.  Plus, doesn't it just feel good to have a small, intimate get together every once in a while instead of a huge blowout?  And I wanted to do it at the park so that 1) I wouldn't have to spit-shine the house for visitors, and 2) the majority of the entertainment would be provided and I wouldn't have to plan a ton of activities!  Both more or less out of laziness, yes, but it made for a lot of fun!  And the day couldn't have been more beautiful.

I made a few sweet garlands- one of dog bones out of cardstock, and one using fabrics matching the theme (my shabby bunting from my etsy shop).  That was one way I kept the party more simple this time- I pared down the decor!  But just a few banners were easy and cute.

I did have a few little activities for the kids to do if it they wanted to take a break from the playground.  This park has a huuuuuge field behind the pavilion, which makes it perfect for a little football throwing or soccer ball kicking, so I had a basket full of different balls for the kids to go "play fetch!"  And I printed off some free dog coloring pages, and let the kids "color a canine" if they needed a quick break from all the running, swinging, and playing!

We had a small spread of food with lots of puppy dog favorites, and all served in doggie dishes... :)

Corn Dogs :)

Puppy Chow


Chew Sticks


How adorable were these Puppy Cupcakes my mom made for the party??!!

And Bennett's cake for the party was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, put into a big dog bowl, and topped with Cocoa Puffs to look like dog food!  Before I told everyone it was his cake, they really thought it was a bowl of dog food!!

We had a Dr. Seuss book for Bennett that everyone signed at the party!  He is really, really into reading books right now, and I hope he'll always enjoy this one!

The party favors, though were my favorite things about the party!  We had a Puppy Adoption Center, and the kids could choose a puppy to "adopt" and take home with them!

Adoption Certificates!

The favor bags (Adoption Kits) included all the supplies the kids would need for their new adopted puppies!  A puppy leash (I made them with ribbon and velcro :)), a little frisbee for doggie playtime, a dog lollipop, and a bag of Kibbles and Bits dog food (cocoa puffs and pretzels sticks)!

Brantley signing her adoption certificate :)

Gracie signing hers!

Proud new puppy owner!

And more party fun:

My darling birthday boy :)

My beautiful biggest girl, who was ready to pose for me at any moment!!

Oh, my heart!  How can this sweet boy already be two??!!

Sweet Sally Kate

Always on the move!

My sweet Gracie, unlike her sister, was having nothing to do with picture taking!

Bammy was brave going down the slide!

I haven't seen my grandfather in a while, and he was able to make it up from South Georgia for the party too!  AND it was his 81st birthday!  Happy Birthday, Grandaddy!

Enjoying some delicious Pupcakes!

Bennett wasn't so sure what to make of the AWESOME Hobby Horse my talented brother made him...

Until Daddy showed him ow to ride it!!

Then he loved it!!

Though Gracie did not like the picture taking, she loved the cupcakes!

Brantley loved the Color a Canine table, and colored pictures for everyone!

The balls were also a big hit, and wore out the littles!


Miss Lauren and her sweet Matt :) :) 

PaDaddy taught Brantley the proper technique for catching and throwing the football...

Nice, Brantley!!

Sweet SK!

Gracie finally warmed up to Grandaddy!

Bammy got it on the Hobby Horse fun...

I don't think we have EVER had a picture where everyone was looking, let alone smiling, so I was thrilled that my brother snapped this one of us!!  And though I did make the girls dresses to match and to coordinate the sweet birthday outfit I made for Ben, I really wasn't planning on us all matching!  I got a great deal on this red buffalo check fabric, and after I made the swing top for myself, I had enough left to make the sweet play dresses for the girls!  I wanted them to be in the party colors, and since the girls adore dogs, I thought they'd like the big doggie pockets on the sides of the dress!  And as much as I love sweet jon jons on my boy (but not for too much longer, I'm afraid!), I knew that it would get dirty and messy at the playground.  So I just made a comfy pair of brown gingham shorts and a birthday dog t shirt to match.  

Ben was DONE with pictures too!

Ben wasn't sure what to make of his Dog Food birthday cake, but Daddy showed him how to dig in!

He LOVED it!!

If he starts eating out of Monk and Dolly's bowls, I'll know who to blame :)

Sweet cousin hugs!

Sally Kate got some hugs from Grandaddy!

Four generations together for the day!  So special :)

We had a wonderful time celebrating our beautiful boy.  Thank you so much to our friends and family that came out to share the day with us, it was so special having you there and taking part in our family memories.  Happy Birthday, my sweet Ben!  Here's to many more!

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