Monday, August 4, 2014


Oh my goodness!  We are back home from the fun and chaos and sun and family time and love that was our Luton Family Edisto Beach Vacation this year!  8 adults and 8 kids, and all (except for one) children are 5 and under, which seems like it might be crazy, but the kids actually played really, really well together and had so much fun!   Here's the photo documentary of our super fun vacation this year!

We were packed in the car like sardines, but had a great ride down!

The kids went right down on the beach when we arrived!

I FINALLY got to meet my sweet nephew, Harrison!!!

The girls were equally as excited!

Five of the eight kids, and seriously, they were so great and played so well together al week!
Gracie was especially smitten with little Harry!  

Sweet Raleigh and my Brantley Girl in their Goat & Lulu Pom Pom Jammies!

The Luton men, being silly. :)

Daddy and his two girls :)

My Blondie :)

A friendly game of horseshoes!

My Beautiful Brantley Girl :)

Big Sis and Little Bro :) 

I got bunches of selfies with my boy this week!

This kid would not take this bucket off his head.

Beach bum!

Playing with Nana!

Feeding the seagulls

Special cocktails in our fun beach glasses!

Taking turns on the boogie board

Sisters make the best friends :) :) 

Sweet moment between Ben and Nana :)

We took Family Beach pictures early in the week, and I was so proud to have my kids, nieces and nephews all in
coordinating Goat & Lulu outfits!  If I do say so myself, I thought they looked great!!! 

The Raleigh Dress

The Grayson Dress

The Brantley Dress

The Maddie Dress

My sweet family :)

And how big does this kid look??!!

So sweet :) 

Playing with cousin Maddie

More beach naps 

More cousin fun!

And more beach naps :)

Chillin with Pop 

And chillin with Nana :)

Pull, Brantley!

We took turns cooking dinner each night, and for our night, we made Shrimp and Grits!

Necklace making one rainy morning

Oldest cousin Chandler, teaching the little ones how to surf :)


Love this pic of Scott and his brother Clay, and their youngest. :) :) 

Pool on the beach = best idea ever!

Hugs during lunch :) :) 

Lunch on the beach!

Gracie getting to know her newest cousin :)

Aunt Amanda getting in lots of baby snuggles!!

This sweet little monkey wanted to snuggle each morning :) 

A little cartoon downtime

Snuggles with Dad

The girls got out for a fun Mama's Day Out in Charleston!

While the menfolk watched the kids :)

Nana with her two youngest grandsons

It was like a kiddie hottub on the deck!

More snuggles with my boy

The three amigos!

Swim Break!

The girls played Candyland while everyone else napped.  They loved it!

Heading out to dinner!

Ben LOVES going out to eat!

Brantley was my "mommy friend" while we were at dinner. :)

The whole crew!

Beach Beauty!

Girl talk :) 

Kisses for Daddy 

And hugs for Mommy!

Nana, Pop, and all the kiddos!

Three of the four boys!

Cousin hugs as we were leaving

Headed home!

Thanks, Edisto, for another wonderful summer of family fun and memory making.  Until next year!

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