Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The First Day in Pictures

Yesterday was Brantley's first day of Kindergarten, and it was a huge, overwhelming success.  I knew she'd love it, I knew it was going to be so much fun for her, and oh boy, was I right.  But, let's start from the beginning.

Brantley wanted me to make her dress for the first day of school.  So I looked through my stash and found this apple print that I have been saving, for at least a year, maybe two, for the perfect outfit, and this was definitely it!

And as a special little gift for starting school, we gave her this sweet little silver charm bracelet, with a B on it.  We plan on continuing the tradition every year, by adding a new charm for each first day of school. :)

We got up with plenty of time to take all of the obligatory first day photos, of course. :)

Can you tell if she was excited?? :)

I tried to get a picture of all three kids, but judging by each of their expressions, you can probably tell how that went.  

Gracie and Ben were far more interested in playing dinosaurs.

I love this sweet one of Scott and Brantley!

Yep, Gracie is roaring/growling like a dinosaur in this one. :)

Me and my girl!

I baked some muffins for Brantley's new teacher and brought her a coffee (as per a suggestion from my teacher sister in law, Beth!), to "Get off to a good start!"  Baked goods never hurt, right? :)

Brantley's little backpack is about the same size as her. :)

We got to the classroom, and there was play doh out for the kids to work on and play with.  Brantley had that slightly overwhelmed look on her face that she gets sometimes, and was a little quiet, but she had no problems sitting down and getting to work!  We hugged, and told her how proud we are of her, and how much we loved her, and off we went!  And she was fine.  And grown up, all of a sudden. :)

So I went about the day, met at IHOP for breakfast with my mom's club, then Bammy came to pick up Gracie and Ben to take to her house for a few days!  So I ran some errands, and had the day to myself.  But when 3:00 came around, I was so anxious to get in the carpool line to hear how my big girls' day went.

And of course, it was wonderful.  She has a new "very best" friend, they toured the school and ate lunch in the cafeteria, and played on the playground, and she could not wait to go back!  We went straight for the frozen yogurt shop, and had a fun girl's night of crafting and Candyland playing. :)

I am not surprised that she had so much fun and loved it, but I am so relieved that we are through the first day, and that she is so excited for the school year to really begin.  I am so proud of my big girl!  What a day!

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