Friday, August 8, 2014

Five on Friday

Oh my goodness, it's Friday.  Which I am both happy and sad about.  Let me tell you why...


We kind of had a rough week.  Readjusting after a week-long vacation usually takes a few days for us, but throw in Hand, Foot and Mouth for Ben, and it made for several difficult days (and nights).  PLUS, I've been trying to get Brantley ready to go back to school, get a few spaces cleaned up and organized in preparation for the new school year, and some fun end-of-summer activities for the kids, and of course a yucky virus just throws a wrench in all our plans.  But my poor buddy did not feel good. :(  The virus made him run a low grade fever pretty much all week long (which is miserable in and of itself, but since he has a history of febrile seizures, it really keeps me on edge), and gave him a mouthful of painful blisters. :(  He was drooling non-stop, and he was almost inconsolable when he'd wake up in the morning, and after his afternoon nap every day.  "Mama, mouth hurt," he'd say over and over.  And oh, it just broke my heart.  Since he was feeling so bad, he was very clingy and very whiny, and refused to let me put him down most of the time.  I tried my very best to be patient with him since he was sick, but I lost my patience a few times with the girls.  And after a week of it all, I am worn out, disappointed that we didn't get to do the fun things I had planned, I feel like it was just  big bummer of a week.  And I hate that since it was the last week of the summer for us.  But, I'm hoping to do a few fun things this weekend, and celebrate back to school.  Ben woke up this morning upset again, but the fever seems to be gone so I'm hoping we're on the upswing.


This girls starts Kindergarten on Monday.  I knew it would be hard on me, but I wasn't expecting it to have as much of an effect on me as it has.  Maybe I'm just exhausted from the week or just being a little over emotional, but (as cliche as it is) I just.can't.believe. this girl is going off to school.  All day.  Five days a week.  She is so excited.  Excited about new friends, eating lunch at school, her new clothes and new school supplies, and I am just trying to figure out how I'm not going to ugly cry on Monday morning when we drop her off.  I'm so glad that my Mom's Group is doing a "Boo-hoo or Whoo-hoo" Breakfast at IHOP after drop off, so we'll head straight there to drown our tears in coffee and pancakes (or an omelet for me)!


Like I said above, one of the things Brantley is most excited about is eating her lunch at school with her new friends.  I have been searching yummy lunchbox ideas and have found some really cute lunchbox containers on Amazon!  I bought some plastic sandwich and snack containers from Old Navy (who knew) and ordered some silicon baking cups and the cute little bento box sauce containers, shown above (Brantley loves carrots with Ranch dressing) from Amazon. And how cute are these little food fork pics?!  I could order $1000 worth of cute little lunchbox accessories!  Pretty sure though, that'll we'll use them a few weeks, then lose a top or throw a pick away, so I'm gonna wait for just a bit before I buy more!  They sure make lunch (and packing a lunch) a lot more fun!


Ever since we were at the beach last week, I have been singing a special song to Bennett every night before I put him down to bed.  In the past, Ben has been a piece of cake to put to bed, so I would just lay him down, kiss him goodnight, and off to dreamland he would go.  But at the beach, and being in a strange place, he needed a little more coaxing, so I'd sing him a song before I'd put him down and he'd be good.  So this past week, when he's been sick, I've been singing the song to console him, to try to get him back to sleep, and just whenever he needed a little extra love.  So now, when I'm getting ready to put him to bed, he'll say, "Mama, Sing Song." Actually, it's more like, "Mama, Thing Thong," since he has the sweetest little lisp (that I do hope goes away in a year or so, but it's adorable right now :)).  The fact that he says that is even sweeter since once the girls got old enough to say so, when I would sing to them, they'd say, "no, mama, stop!" They never wanted me to sing to them!  And my heart broke a little every single time they'd say that!  So now my sweet boy actually requests that I sing his special song and he is starting to sing along too. Love that.


I'm trying to get caught up on Goat & Lulu orders, all while my mind is overflowing with ideas for new fall items!  I've just finished two new girls items (with scallops!  EEEK!!), which will debut in the shop once I get them photographed.  I have several new patterns to sew, and I am reviewing new fabric options, too.  Corduroy, flannel, and some new collegiate items are coming too!  Not to mention a Christmas Pajama PRE-ORDER for the Holiday season!  Last year I sold and made over 300 pairs of Christmas pajamas, and this year I wanted to get a head start.  So I'm in the process of selecting the fabric options so I can offer the pajama preorder during August and September, with a ship date around November 1st.  I think this will alleviate some of the pressure and stress I dealt with last year, filling all the pajama orders.  Anyway, I can't wait to show you all the new fall Goat & Lulu items coming soon!

And with that, I'm off.  Everyone is feeling pretty lazy this morning, including me, and I think we're just going to roll with it.  I don't want to overdo the kids (especially with Ben recovering and a big week ahead for Brantley), so we're going to take it easy.  The weekend is upon us, and Monday begins a new chapter for our family!  I hope the transition is a smooth one for Brantley especially, but for me too!  We have Open House at the elementary school tonight, so we'll get a little glimpse into what to expect come Monday.  So for the rest of the weekend, we're going to relax, have a back to school celebration, a little mommy/Brantley time, and maybe a fun outing if everyone is feeling up to it.  So TGIF!  Hope you have a great one!

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