Thursday, August 21, 2014

Currently 5.0

I love doing these little check-ins a few times a year, so here's what's currently going on at our house...
appreciating- The wonderful and talented teachers that take care of my babies during the days.  I don't think I could possibly love Brantley's Kindergarten teacher any more, and Grayson has the same teachers for preschool this year that she did last year, and I love them both so, so much.  I truly believe that teaching is a calling and the patience you have to possess to teach 3, 4 and 5 year olds is nothing short of amazing.  I'm so thankful that both girls will be so well taken care of during this school year. :)

reading- I just finished reading Gone Girl and loved it!  Though I was not happy about the ending, I thought it was a good ending.  Definitely worth the read!  And I'm so excited that my Mom's group is going to be starting a book club, so I'll have a good reason to start reading even more!  September's book is going to be Divergent, so I'll be picking that up in the next week or so.

listening- To my sweet girl recap her day at Kindergarten every day in the car when we pick her up in the afternoon.  She loves to tell me who she sat with at lunch, and who got notes home for bad behavior, what special class she had that day, what book they read, etc. etc.  I love that she is so eager to share about her day, especially since I'm sure the time will come before long that I'll be dying for her to tell me about school!

tasting- More dark, leafy greens than I have in a long time!  I have bought huge bags of kale and spinach at the grocery store each week; the spinach to add to smoothies, and the kale to bake into kale chips.  And eggs, Loooord, the eggs I've been eating!  TONS!

learning- That sleep, water, and a much healthier diet make me happier and in a much better mood and state of mind.  Who'd have thought? :)

noticing- What a close relationship Bennett and Grayson are forming.  They love to play together and play really well together (for the most part) while Brantley is at school, and I just love it.  i think the best thing about siblings is having a friend and playmate you can always count on, and I just pray that all three of mine will continue to be that for each other.

anticipating- A date night this weekend!  So excited to be going to Atlanta with Scott for dinner Saturday night.  Our anniversary was Tuesday, and his birthday is actually Saturday night, so we'll be doubly celebrating!

working- On Holiday Goat & Lulu!  I have already started getting Halloween and Thanksgiving orders (and thank you to those of you who have already ordered and are on the ball and thinking early!), and am working on my Christmas prototypes and samples now.  I'm going to be doing a pajama pre-order, so I'm not chained to my sewing machine for 2 months straight like I was last year!  You'll be able to pre-order the pajamas through October 1, and they will all ship on or by November 1st.  No more 4am bedtimes two days before Christmas for me this year!

making- A ton of custom bedding items!  I have one nursery, two custom quilts and a custom nap mat that I am working on for some of my friends and customers.  I love making special pieces like these for people, and am excited to share all the finished products!

watching- Louis CK comedy on Netflix.  He is hilarious!  His stand-up is great, and I love his tv show too.  You must check it out.

accepting- The fact that I'm pretty sure it's impossible for my house to be completely clean at any one time.  As much as I love having a clean house, it seems like as I'm cleaning the last room, the kids are beginning to destroy another.  But you know what?  I'm okay with that.  There will be plenty of time to have a clean house later on.

organizing- The girls new room!  We decided to take the plunge and move the girls upstairs, where we have a great big loft, big bedroom and bathroom (my craft/sewing room is upstairs too).  I just decided that their room on the main floor was too small, and they needed some more space.  And since we have the big upstairs area that rarely gets used, we decided to move them on in!  And they love it, of course.  I'll post pictures as I get it organized and decrated!

planning- Bennett's 2nd birthday party!  He will be two in less than a month, and we're having a puppy party at the park!  Details and lots of fun party pics to follow... :)

loving- Every night when I put Ben to bed, I'll tell him to tell Daddy night-night.  He says, "okay.  night-night, Dada.  Hug???"  And gives Scott the biggest, sweetest, almost two year old hug that there ever was.  Oh, the sweetest thing!

buying- Fall clothes for the family!  Though we'll most likely still be in shortsleeves through October, I can't help but start gravitating towards jeans, longsleeves and scarves.  I am loving this fall's neutral tones and casual silhouettes, which are right up my alley right now.  And the kids are growing like weeds, so they need practically everything for the fall.  Luckily, I have found some great sales, and the big consignment sale that our preschool has every year is coming up in a few weeks.  Hopefully I'll have luck like I've had there in the past!

finishing- Every last tin of almonds that I buy!  They are my go-to snack lately, and since chips, crackers, popcorn and all my crunchy, salty snack favorites are no-nos on Whole 30, almonds are doing the job for now.

embracing- Naps!  Ben has been taking good naps since we've all been getting up earlier, and me and Gracie will lay down for a bit while he's down, and may catch a little cat nap for a few minutes before we have to go get Brantley from school.  I'm still staying up late to sew (not quite as late as during the summer, though), so these little mid-day naps have been great for a little recharge!

daring- To go ahead and bite the bullet and invest in a nice embroidery machine.  I know that it will pay for itself in a short amount of time, but the one I want is expensive.  I mean, really expensive.  And I don't want to just buy one to have it, just for it to break, or for me to outgrow it and still want the really nice one, so I'm leaning towards holding out, saving up for a bit and going for it.  What do you think?  What would you do?  I am always so hesitant about making big purchases!

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