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We got home yesterday after a great trip to Edisto Beach, South Carolina with my mom and dad, brother, sister in law, and niece.  We had such a fun time that I only opened my computer once (but was on my phone plenty, of course)!  So thanks for being patient (or perhaps you didn't miss me at all?! :)), and I'm back to normal postings today!  This was the 6th trip to Edisto that we have taken as a family, and though the trips have changed each year (no babies, Ramsey and Beth's engagement, one baby! two babies! FOUR babies!), it is always a super fun trip and lots of catching up and good quality time.  

So here are the photos from our trip (LOTS of them), where lots and lots of new family memories were made. :) 

My suitcase.  I packed a combination of about 12,324 different outfits and seriously wore 6.

I also packed about 15 pairs of shoes, and wore 1 pair.  Seriously.  One.

We couldn't have squeezed a nickel in the trunk of our Tahoe.

Our Tahoe with three carseats in the backseat.  Which were loaded down with lapdesks, crayons, coloring books, snacks, juice boxes, computers, toy phones, you name it, we had it.

Being the good Midkiff/Lutons that we are, first thing we did was help set up the bar!

Everyone was so anxious to head down to the beach, so off we went.

Me and My Boy :)  BTW, I do not have tree trunks for legs, just had jeans on :)

Uncle Rams, Aunt Beth and Sally Kate got there about 5 minutes after us!

LOVE my boy.

And he will never grow up. :)

Brantley is allllllll about getting ready for kindergarten, and loved writing her name in the sand. :)

First full day!  Gracie rocks pigtails like nobody's business. :)

Fun with Daddy!

I made myself known in a few shots, at least!

Baby pool on the beach = necessity!!  Both Sally Kate and Ben played in it so much, and it was great for rinsing hands and feet off.

Gotta love a good beach snack :)

Want some, mama? :)

These kiddos LOVE their daddy.  And Gracie's face?  OMG.  Obsessed.

I wanted to get Ben a haircut before we left, but as all these sweet blonde baby curls popped back out in the beachy humidity, I was soooo glad that I didn't!

Lots of shirtless and/or pantless kiddos this week. :)

Bammy and her biggest girls :)

Gracie and Sally Kate, in one of the girls old bathing suits!  Loved seeing all my old favorite bathing suits on her this week!

Me and My Gracie :) 

Bammy and her little girls! :)

These sweet girls looked so sweet this night and were being so silly.  They were really so sweet together and to each other all week. :)

And y'all.  We don't mess around when it comes to beach food.  My mom and dad take care of our breakfasts and lunches, but my brother/sister and law and Scott and I split the dinners.  So we each do 3 nights, and do appetizers and a meal.  We ate like KINGS all week!!  My parents spring for BBQ or Seafood takeout the first night, then the first full night, Scott and I made shrimp and chicken tacos with Mango Jalapeno Slaw and my Tex Mex Rice and Black Beans.  I made Shrimp Salsa for our appetizer.

Uncle Rams and his oldest niece, Brantley :)

Ben giving his biggest sister a hug.  They really were so sweet to each other for the majority of the trip.

I really thought that my days of snuggling a napping babe on the beach were over.  Though Ben never did nap, he let me snuggle him plenty on the beach.  And I loved every minute.  He also cut 3 teeth while we were on the trip.  Makes sense now, because he was suuuuuuper clingy and a mama's boy the whole trip.

Gracie was all about playing in the sand. :)

Bammy and her grandson :) 

Bammy and Gracie.  I could not get over how tall she looked!

Bennett is acquiring quite a little sense of humor.  we tell him to smile, or cheese, or make his silly face, and he has a whole arsenal of funny faces he makes!  This is a classic... is the good ole silly smile. :)

All the girls were "making music" playing the drums on all the sand buckets, and Ben was "singing" along :) :) 

These kiddos sure loved sitting right in the surf with Daddy :) 

Me and my sweet boy :)

Our family!

The girls were not happy with having to drink their milk one night with dinner.  But Bammy served it in tea cups, and called it special "beach milk," and talked about how delicious it was.  The girls "cheered" and drank it all!  Of course!  Bammys are so smart. :)

Brantley and Uncle Ramsey coloring. :)  Sweet. :)

Sometimes both shirts, pants, AND diapers were optional. :)

Headed under the house with Bammy... paint sea shells!

The girls loved it!

We took family pictures one night, and they were actually pretty fun.  The kids were good about cooperating, and I'll share the whole family ones when I get them!
The sweet four kiddos. :)  LOOOOVE this candid shot.

Gracie was thrilled to be sitting next to PaDaddy at the beach the next day!  Ha!

Gracie just chilling after a refreshing juice box :)

The boys napping after golf.

The boy coloring. :)

Chit chatting with PaDaddy :)

Gracie (and the rings from the ring toss game) and PaDaddy :)

Brantley and PaDaddy

Bennett and PaDaddy

These girls surely talked PaDaddy's ear off.  We still don't know (and he probably doesn't either!) exactly what was discussed!

Scott and his boy :)

Running to get Daddy!

Scott and his girls :)

All the kiddos :)

Talking about boy stuff :)

Me and my Gracie Girl :)

My heart :)

We headed up to get Shaved Ice one night!  This boy was a BIG fan. :)

Ben did NOT sleep well while we were there.  So he slept with mama three nights, while Daddy slept in the girls room.

And when I say slept, I mean that he slept until about 2:30, then wanted to party all the rest of the night.  So we took selfies. :)

We started out on the fourth taking it easy in the sand!

Brantley KILLS me in this photo...she looks so tall and so big!

Ben and Sally Kate in their matching swim suits!

More snuggles from my big boy :)

We celebrated our country all day long!

Bammy getting cuddles from the boy :)

Sweet Gracie :)

My sweet BIG girl!

Working on a sand cake!

Tah-dah!  Sand Cake!

God Bless the USA!

We had an awesome fly over by several antique and in service military airplanes, and the kids waved flags as they flew by!  So cool!

Gracie was so proud!

Making "soup" :)

Maybe a little wrong that we were drinking lots of Tecate on the fourth, but was also drank plennnnnnnty of Budweiser. :)

Her smile melts me! :)

Sally Kate was grabbing her Daddy a new cold one. :) :) 

The girls love their Aunt Beth!

Bammy and her grandkids. :) 

My sweet, sweet little Goat & Lulu models!! :)

And my precious three :) :) 

Gracie and Ben are so precious with each other and the best of friends.

Rams and Sally Kate

Throwing sand in the ocean :)

Sweet boy just a diggin.

Daddy and his girls :)

Searching for sea shells 

PaDaddy and Ben :)

When the beach gets too windy, we blew bubbles!

And ate watermelon!

And more delicious dinner!  Ramsey and Beth made a yummy low country boil one night and roasted shrimp another night, and for the fourth, Scott and I made Scott's famous ribs, potato salad and baked beans.

Sweet girls :)

Sweet smile!!!

Playtime on the deck

Sisters just hanging out.

New delicious drink- champagne and Razberitas!  Tastes like a Kir Royale without having to buy Creme de Cassis!  So yummy.

And what could be better than ice cream?

As I'm sure you can tell, we had a wonderful time, and though, with four small children there can be some stressful and trying moments, overall, it was another awesome week in the books.  And looking back, not even a day removed, I have pretty much already forgotten the bad, and look fondly back on the good.

I am a lucky girl to have such a loving and wonderful and supportive family, and I miss you already!  Until next year!

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