Tuesday, July 8, 2014

In Other Luton Family News...

...this big girl is in PANTIES!!  The second to last day at the beach, my mom randomly asked Grayson if she wanted to tee-tee on the potty.  And she said yes!  And then did!  Twice in a row!  Now this is the same little girl that anytime I asked her if she wants to wear big girls panties, responds with a stout, "NO!"  just days previous.  I guess when Bammy asks, you just say yes. :)
Either way, she is doing really great!  We obviously put her in a diaper for the 5.5 hour trip home, but as soon as she got home, she changed back into panties, and didn't have a single accident!  Maybe it's the squealing and potty songs and potty dances we all do when she has a successful trip to the bathroom, or maybe it's the chocolate she gets after every tinkle, but it seems to be working, and you can see the pride beaming in her face!  Not that I thought it was going to be difficult, or that I didn't believe in Gracie, but I'm just surprised at how well it's going so far (now I'm cringing because I'm sure I totally jinxed myself, but hopefully not).  Yesterday, her first real potty training day at home, and she only had two small accidents, but otherwise, did awesome!
I do have to admit that potty training is one of my least favorite things about being a mom, but I didn't schedule too much this week since we're getting back into our normal schedule after vacation, so I'm hoping we can tackle the hardest part here in the next few days.  Brantley and Ben are great cheerleaders (mainly because they get treats too when she tee-tees!), so I hope it's a positive (and QUICK) experience for my Gracie girl.
And I am HAPPY to accept any suggestions and/or recommendations.  We have potty trained once with Brantley,  of course, but it took forever, and probably scarred us both for life. :)  Any help is appreciated!  

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