Monday, July 21, 2014

Hello Monday

After a pretty low key weekend, here are all the things I am saying hello to to start off the week!

Helllllllllllllloooooo fresh veg!!!  I have a new friend who lives literally right down the road, and she and her husband own an organic farm.  They grow fresh fruits and vegetables, and will soon have honey and farm fresh eggs ready.  She is so nice and even brings by baskets of their harvests for me to look and pick through for purchase!  Our own personal farmer's market delivery!  So she came by yesterday, and I truly could not help but buy just about everything she had to offer.  We cut up the cantaloupe right away, and though cantaloupe isn't even one of my faves, it was so sweet and delicious, I had a few bites.  Then the kids gobbled the rest of it up!  The little yellow pear tomatoes are so sweet you can just pop them in your mouth and snack on them, and I am anxious to try some new recipes with the eggplant and the spaghetti squash.  So thanks, Holly, and can't wait for the next delivery!

My dinner from the other night- Pan Sauteed Lemon Salmon over Zucchini Noodles with a simple Tomato Salad

Hello beginning of Week 3 of Whole 30!  I am on Day 15, so I'm halfway done!!  I haven't weighed myself in a few days, but last I checked, I was a little over 6 pounds down.  The one thing I have noticed the most is how often, and how absent-mindedly, I snacked.  I pretty much ate any and everything I wanted, all of the time.  And my snack choices were not healthy ones.  I have really enjoyed trying new recipes and vegetables I typically wouldn't use (I honestly had never cooked kale before Whole 30!), and actually think I am going to adopt a lenient Paleo based diet once I'm done with Whole 30.  I will probably reincorporate some dairy (I miss cheese!!), and some natural sugars (honey, in particular), but will probably do my best to stay away from processed grains and added sugar.  I have never looked at food labels as much as I have in the past three weeks, and it blows me away to see all of the "mystery ingredients" that are added into foods I bought on a weekly basis.  I will continue to make my own mayonnaise and pasta sauce, and probably taco seasoning too.  Whole 30 has taught me to be very intentional about what I eat and what I feed my family.  Wish me luck on the second half!

Hello LAUNDRY.  I have been doing laundry all weekend in preparation for our second beach trip of the summer!  We leave Saturday morning for Edisto Beach, South Carolina again, but this time, with the Luton side of the family!  So I am knee deep in suitcases and swim suits, as I pack our bags all this week (and YES, it will take me all week!)!  Thankfully, when we got home from the beach a few weeks ago, I went ahead and washed the beach towels and just repacked them, so we have a few things like that already ready to go.  We left the beach chairs and toys in the garage for the past few weeks, too, so all we have to do is throw them in the Tahoe and we're good to go (actually, that should read- all we have to do is meticulously place them in the back of the Tahoe to make sure that the other 256 bags fit perfectly in place so we can actually get everything into the car). :)

Hello Dolly!  It's taken her a while, but I think Miss Dolly is finally feeling comfortable around us.  We put chicken wire up around our fence in the backyard so that she couldn't squeeze between the posts and we could let her out to us the bathroom and play more often during the day, and we've noticed her and Monk playing a bit more.  When I sew at night, she'll come upstairs with me and lay on the sofa (love that :)), and she doesn't run scared through the house quite like she used to.  She is the sweetest little dog, and we're so happy that it looks like she's happy too. :)

Hello creative dress-up!  My girls have always been really into playing dress up, especially with princess dresses, tutus, tiaras, etc.  But lately, the girls have been repurposing their costumes and coming up with some very creative combinations.  As shown in the picture above, Brantley is using her tutu as a lovely shawl, and Gracie has added a (faux) fur stole to her ensemble.  These girls have the greatest imaginations and play so well, and I love listening in on them, and hearing their little conversations.  They are hilarious!!

What are you saying hello to on this Monday?  Hope you have a great start to your week!

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