Friday, July 25, 2014

Five on Friday

TGIF!  Sorry for the shortage of posts this week, I have been running myself ragged!!  Here's my five things I'm sharing today for my Five on Friday:


BEACH!  We are leaving for Edisto Part 2 tomorrow morning, this time we are spending the week with Scott's family!  8 adults, 8 kids, 8 girls and 8 boys!  I am terribly behind on packing and am going to be busting my you know what all day today trying to get finished up so we can leave first thing in the morning.  We are looking forward to soaking up the sun and getting lots of good family time, and making some wonderful beach memories!  I won't be blogging next week, but you can follow me on Instagram with the hashtag #thelutonsdoedisto2014 and #lutonsummer2014 to check out what we're up to!


We have been working on getting errands run and to-dos checked off for back to school, and yesterday was a big one, the dentist!  One of my sweet friends offered to watch the little kids for me while I took Brantley by herself, which was so great.  Brantley did an awesome job, all the way through x-rays, her exam and her cleaning, and was very polite to the hygienist and the dentist.  And since she was so good, she got to pick out a treat afterwards, and of course, she got some gummy bears. :)  Perfect post-dentist treat. :)  My girl is just growing up so fast, and I am more and more proud of her everyday, of the little girl she is and she's becoming!


Whole 30 update:  I weighed myself on Thursday, and have now lost almost 9 pounds total!  Today is Day 19, and though I am leaving for the beach tomorrow, I am planning on trying my best to stay on the Whole 30 plan while I'm on vacation.  Now, I fully intend on cheating with some yummy beach cocktails, but I really want to try and eat as close to plan as I can.  And I'm thinking I am actually going to start my Whole 30 all over once I get back from the beach.  I have had some recipe hits and misses this week.  I made a delicious salad (pictured above) for lunch one day with just mixed baby greens, 2 fried eggs, tomatoes, lemon juice and olive oil.  I also made my own taco seasoning, which was so easy and used spices that were already in my pantry.  The ground chicken and zucchini "poppers" I made were just meh, but I'm going to be scanning pinterest and a few blogs for some new, fresh ideas.  I did go to Sprouts, a kind of Whole Foods/Fresh Market grocery store that just opened not too far from us, and that was so much fun!  I picked up a few random and very granola-crunchy hippie ingredients so I can try a few new dishes (coconut aminos as a substitute for soy sauce, just as an example).  It has just surprised me to death how much the Whole 30 is really changing my relationship with food and my life already!


My Bennett is turning two in less than two short months, and I have been thinking more and more about changing his room up a bit, making it more of a big boy room.  Then my mom asked the other day is I'd like for my Dad to build Bennett a big boy bed for his birthday, and DUH, I said YES!!  So I have been on the lookout for cute bed plans (double? bunk bed? I haven't decided yet), and boys bedroom decor ideas.  I think I'm going to stay in the Americana vibe, and definitely incorporate a HUGE map on the wall and American flags.  Maybe some buffalo check bedding?  I can't wait to get started!


I'm gonna go ahead and say it...pretty pumped about next Valentine's Day... :)

And with that, have a GREAT weekend!  Like I said, I'll be beaching it all week next week and taking a break from the computer, so I'll be back when we return from Edisto!  XOXO!

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