Friday, July 18, 2014

Five on Friday

TGIF!  Oh my goodness, what a week.  I am exhausted and ready for the weekend, what about you?  Here's my Five on Friday today:


I just started Gone Girl  the other day and I am already hooked!  I grab it and read a page or two (or thirty-five) every time I get a chance.  And I can't wait to get to the end!  When I posted this pic in Instagram the other day, everyone commented that they loved it or hated it (no in between, it seems) and they wanted to know what I thought when I got to the end!  Which is terrible temptation to skip to the end, but I love a good twist, so I'm not going to blow it for myself.  Can't wait to get through it!


Today is Brantley's last day of swimming lessons, and she has been rocking it this year!  She didn't take lessons last year, but the year before she did, and it took a few days for her to get warmed up to them.  But this year, she has been jumping in, putting her face in the water, and really working hard.  I am so proud!  My favorite part of watching her, is that she keeps eye contact with me and smiles so big the whole time she's swimming!  It is too cute. :)  She'll probably be in a puddle jumper for the rest of the summer, but I have a good feeling that she'll be an independent swimmer next summer.  Go Brantley!


A quick Whole 30 check-in: As of last night, I have lost a total of a little over 6 pounds!  I am pretty excited about the results I'm seeing, and have really been staying true to the program and not cheating.  Positive results are really good motivation!  The meal planning has been key, and I have been making some really yummy recipes that I have found on Pinterest (where else :)).  

I made this chicken salad with chicken, avocado and cilantro, and it was great!  I also baked some sweet potato chips that were a GREAT alternative to regular potato chips (which I loooove).  Last night I made these chicken and zucchini meatball poppers, which were really good dipped in salsa and guacamole.  I have started to incorporate green smoothies into my daily intake too, which has been great for me for an afternoon energy boost snack, and also for breakfast, when I need something quick and/or on the go.  So, I'm on Day 12, only 18 more to go!  I've got this!!


This week, I heard some news that made me sit back, adjust my perspective, and be thankful for my husband, kids, and our health and safety.  A friend of mine from high school, who's kids are about the same ages as mine and who go to the same preschool that we do, had a terrible accident at her house last week that resulted in their house being burned down.  Right here in Loganville.  Thankfully, she, her husband, her three kids and their pets were able to get out safely and without being harmed, but they are currently displaced and with significant loss.  Every time I even think about it, my eyes well up with tears, because I can't imagine how horrible it must be.  Everytime she posts something on Facebook, though, I am amazed with her positive attitude and outlook, focusing on being thankful that her family is together and safe.  Either way, the family is in a tough spot, and their extended friends and family have started a page on Facebook dedicated to donations for the Patterson family as they navigate the tough road ahead of them.  They lost their clothes, so that is an immediate need, and all the sizes and information is outlined on the Facebook page.  If you have any interest in donating or providing any sort of support to the family, please take a look at the Donations for the Patterson Family Facebook page here.  And please, say an extra prayer for Whitney and her family.


I just got Brantley's school supply list for Kindergarten (I. KNOW. Don't even get me started, I will start crying, like I did the other day in Wal Mart, just walking past the school supplies.  More time and posts devoted to the fact that my sweet girl is starting Kindergarten in 25 days are to come...), and I just happened upon these adorable personalized school boxes from Pink and Lime Designs on Etsy.  They are so cute!!  Now, you know my girl is going to Kindergarten with ALL.THE.THINGS personalized, and her colorful little school box will be no exception. :)  I can't wait to get it in the mail and stuff it full of goodies to surprise my Brantley Girl with right before she starts school. :) :) 

AND WITH THAT...let's get the weekend started!  Hope you have a great one, and see you Monday!
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