Tuesday, July 22, 2014

By the Numbers...

20- Days until Brantley starts Kindergarten.
3- Times that I have already cried thinking about dropping her off.  Thank goodness Scott said he was going to come with us on her first morning of school.  It'll be like taking her to her first day of daycare all over again, except this is not me leaving her, it's her growing up and leaving me.  Geez.  Go ahead and change that 3 to a 4...
45673- Ideas I have, thanks to Pinterest, for yummy lunches to pack for Miss B.  Here's to hoping that I actually use those ideas, instead of packing the exact same lunch over and over out of laziness and lack of effort (which is definitely more likely).
2- Months until Bennett turns 2!  Talk about time flying.  He is a big boy now, not my tiny baby that used to nap on my chest.  Ugh, this post is tearing me up!!!  I have started planning his little birthday party, and am thinking that I'm going to do it at the park instead of our house.  Built in activities, less to have to decorate, and less to clean in preparation and clean up afterwards!
16- Days since I have eaten any grains, sugar, or dairy product.

16- Days that I have wanted to eat grains, sugar and dairy.  But it's paying off!

0- Number of potty accidents Gracie had yesterday!  For as nervous as I was about potty training her, she is doing an awesome job.  We have even gone out a few times with her in panties, and she's let me know she needed to go, and she's used public restrooms!  So proud of my big girl!

47- M&M's, pieces of gum, chunks of cotton candy, and other treats that Gracie was rewarded with yesterday each time she went to the bathroom.  I swear, she has to go every 15 minutes!

8- Years we will be married this August!  It's so crazy to think that Scott and I have been together for almost 10 years.  Scott turned 30 on our honeymoon, so 4 days after our anniversary, he will turn 38!  Happy Birthday a month early, honey!

15- Cups of coffee I will need to drink this morning since I stayed up waaaaaaaay too late writing this post.  

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