Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello Monday

Hello Friends!  I hope y'all had a great weekend, and will join me in saying hello to a few things this week.

Hello my mischievous child. :)  Ben has been "challenging" me lately (to put it nicely).  Poor baby is getting four teeth in at once, but I think it's more an early "terrible twos" thing than it is a teething thing.  He is into EVERYTHING, and loves to show off his flair for the dramatic by throwing himself on the floor in passionate temper tantrums on  regular basis.  And in fun places like the library.  Over the weekend, he went on a clothing strike and refused to get dressed, yelling "NO!!" and furrowing his brow anytime I suggested we put on a shirt.  I know that he is just asserting his independence, and seeing how far he can push me, I have really had my patience tested on several occasions.  My boy is such a doll baby most of the time and  certainly gets away with a lot (he is my baby), but I will not be upset when this phase is over.

Hello Packing!  We leave for Edisto Beach South Carolina a week from today!  We're going with my family and I am so looking forward to relaxing at the beach for a week.  But I have a LOT to do before we get to that point!  Lists for each child. Getting laundry done.  Grocery lists.  Beach toys.  Getting the dogs boarded.  It takes a lot of prep to get away for a week!  But I can't wait to get my toes in the sand!

Hello Knot Genie!  Brantley has a loooooot of hair.  It is very thick, and gets tangled very easily.  Add in the fact that she has the most tender scalp, and you can imagine how bad hairbrushing sessions can go.  She's so sensitive, and often times she ends up crying because I have pulled to hard while brushing.  I had ready about this Knot Genie, and how it's supposed to be great for kids with tangly hair because it brushes tangles out.  So we'll see!  I'm hoping it works and we will have solved a horrible problem!

Hello to sewing a few more garments for moi!  I want to sew another tank dress and a tunic for the beach, and I was also selected as a pattern tester for Sew Caroline's newest pattern the Waterfall Tank!  I'll be sharing the rest of the details later this week, and definitely pictures but for right now, I'm just trying to select fabrics and figure out sizing!

I hope you have a great start to your week today!  What are you saying hello to?

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  1. Have you tried tangle stray? Bree has super tangly hair too (she has a lot of fine hair and she's a wild maniac) so I use a dry brush and tangle spray...I have no idea what tangle spray actually consists of but I imagine it to be little fairies untying all the knots so I don't kill my child during hair fixing sessions... :)

    1. No, I haven't! Do you apply it to the hair when it's dry? We use a detangling spray when it's wet, right out of the bath, but even using that can be a struggle. I used the knot genie this morning, though and it actually was amazing! I'm thinking a combo of the detangling spray and the brush may be just the ticket! :)


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