Monday, June 9, 2014

Hello Monday

Hi friends!  I hope you had a good weekend and are ready to begin a new week!  Here are some of the things I am saying hello to today...

Eating (and drinking) al fresco.  Watermelon on the front steps, dinner on the deck, ice cream in the driveway, popsicles in the backyard.  We are enjoying the beautiful weather while it's still not too terribly hot, and the kids can let the watermelon juice roll down their faces without it being a big mess to clean up.  And doesn't food just taste better outside?

Hello DIY projects!  I am on a creative, productive roll getting lots of projects done.  I am almost done with the deck, and painted the two chairs above for my kitchen.  I love marking these tasks off my list and completing projects I've been planning for so long!

Hello playdates!  We have a several playdates on the calendar this week with my new mom's group.  I am excited to get to know some new friends, and also have new friends for the kids to play with!  

Hello Strawberry Lemonade!  Brantley and Grayson have been on a lemonade (or lemolade, as Brantley says :)) kick lately, so I made a batch this weekend and added some strawberry puree made with the strawberries we picked (and I froze) at the end of the school year.  It was a huge hit and it's a fun treat for the kids for the afternoons (and leftovers make yummy popsicles!).

I am excited about the week ahead, and the things I'm saying hello to today.  What are you saying hello to??
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