Friday, June 27, 2014

Five on Friday

Hello Friends!  I don't know about you, but WOW.  This week flew!!  We were super busy with fun, summer things, and packing for our first beach trip of the year!!  So for the Five on Friday linkup today, here's what I'm sharing:


Since all my shows are on a summer hiatus, and I finished the second season of Orange is the New Black (which, by the way, was good, but not as good as season 1), I have kind of been on a documentary watching kick lately, while I sew!  I talked about Blackfish last week, and since then, I have watched several more.  If you are into music, 20 Feet From Stardom is wonderful, and delves into the lives of the musicians behind the stars, the back up singers.  It really is so fascinating to hear their stories.  Another good one is Muscle Shoals, which is about the music production that comes out of the sleepy town of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and all the amazing and inspirational music that came from there.  If you are into food, and learning more about the food industry and where your food comes from, etc., Food, Inc. will open your eyes, and probably make you rethink everything you thought you knew and/or didn't know about food.  I had watched it before but watched it again the other night, and it's pretty shocking.  Hunger for Change is another food related documentary about the food and diet industry, and how they keep people going back and forth.  The 12 year old getting liposuction and lap band surgery in Mexico is particularly disturbing.  And another one that I watched a while back, called Under Our Skin, is a film that follows several people afflicted with Lyme's Disease, and the difficult path they take to be diagnosed and receive satisfactory medical treatment.  I have a close relative that suffers from Lyme's Disease, so this film was particularly interesting to me, since they have struggled with their journey.  There are so many things about the disease and the treatment of the disease that are so disturbing that I never knew, including the medical and pharmaceutical involvement and restrictions in the disease's treatment.  A very interesting watch.  Disclaimer: watching a lot of documentaries in a row can make you a little cynical and paranoid, so watch them in moderation! :)


The BEST little Shaved Ice place opened up close to our house for the summer!  When I was little, Shaved Ice was the best summer treat, and my brother and I would get 3 or 4 different flavors and slurp those things down like there was no tomorrow.  And now I get to share that summer memory with my kids!  We went for the first time yesterday, and for $5 TOTAL, each kid got their own small cupful, and I got a large cupful of the delicious artificially sweetened fruit flavored syrup and ice that I remember from my childhood.  And it was just as good as I remembered!  If we could go every single afternoon, I totally would, but I'll have to settle for a few times a week for the rest of the summer.  And if you're local, it's a little white trailer in the parking lot across the street from Kroger between that crappy gas station and the Waffle House (does that sound like the country, or what?!)!  You will not regret it! Oh, and their health department score was a 100, and the people working there couldn't be nicer!

Have you tried out GrooveBook yet??  I talked about it way back, but it you haven't heard of it, GrooveBook is an app you download for free onto your phone, and for $2.99 a month, you can upload up to 100 photos off of your phone to GrooveBook, and they will send you a great, bound 4x6 photo book to you once a month!  If you are like me and have 2000+ pictures on your phone that you pretty much never get physical prints of, this is an awesome deal!!  I have been signed up for 6 months now, and love the days I get my GrooveBooks in the mail.  I do it monthly, so each month I have 100 photos off of my phone and in the cutest little book to look through.  Each page is perforated so you can tear them out if you wish, and the quality is great!  You can even send additional books to friends and/or family for just an additional $2.99 per book.  It is a DEAL!  I am so bad about having pictures printed out, and this way I get an email from GrooveBook monthly reminding me to upload my photos, and then a few weeks later, I get a super cute book, housing the past month's memories.  For the price of a coffee (or half a coffee, in my case!) you can join GrooveBook and get a Photobook once a month!  And as a special offer, if you use the code LUTON8 at checkout, you'll get your first GrooveBook for FREE!  So check it out and try it out for one month for free!  At the very least, you'll get a cute 100 page photo book out of it!

Splash Parks are pretty much my favorite thing ever, now.  I took the kids to our first one yesterday, with a good friend of mine and her little boy.  While I love swimming, and love going to the pool, it gets really hard to watch three active kids (none of which can swim yet) in the pool, even when I am in the water and right there with them.  As fun as it is, it's a little stressful for me.  But at the splash park, there are no pools, and only fountains, and sprinklers and water spouts for the kids to run through, and you just have to keep an eye on them!  No threat of falling into the water, maybe just a slip and fall on the concrete, but I was much less nervous, and my friend and I could just sit on the sidelines, chit-chat and catch up and watch the kids play!  It took all three of mine a little bit to get used to it (I also think they were a little tired from the car ride, and a bit hungry!), but once they were comfortable with running through and getting their hands in the water, they loved it.  And it wore them out!  Grayson fell asleep in the car before we left the parking lot, and Ben took a stellar nap once we got home.  Can't wait to head back!


I want to brag just a bit on my husband, Scott.  He started his own business, from the ground up, less than a year ago.  He has been working his tail off, long, loooooooong hours to build his company's name and reputation, and now, it's expanding into three states come October.  I truly admire his for his motivation and his vision, his integrity and his drive, and I am so proud of him.  He has wanted to do this for some time, but when he finally got the opportunity, we both knew it was going to be scary (and it really has been), and challenging, and hard, and it has been all those things.  But it has also been rewarding in so many more ways.  He is such an incredible role model for our kids, and seriously the hardest working man I know.  And he does it for us, and I am so very grateful.  Love you honey!  So proud of you!!

And with that, I am off!!  I have sooooooooo much packing left to do for our beach trip, so I am going to be busy today!  I may or may not be MIA next week as I am enjoying time with the family on the sandy shores of Edisto Beach, but I will certainly be blowing up your Instagram feed all week!  Feel free to follow along @amanda_goatandlulu, and I will be using the hashtags #midkiffedistotrip2014 and #lutonsummer2014 if you'd like to check out what we're up to.  I may throw a few posts in next week, but I'm just going to play it by ear.

Regardless, have a wonderful weekend and see you soon!

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  1. I just saw "Grooveback" on "Shark tank"... all the sharks were fighting to get to it... did you see it?

    1. Yes, that's how I found out about it! I downloaded the app and signed up as we were watching them on Shark Tank. I knew it was an awesome idea, and they have blown up since they were on! And it really is so awesome!

  2. Love reading your's great! What kind of business did your husband start? enjoy your beach vacation!!

    1. Thanks Colleen! It's a manufacturing training and consulting business. They do a lot helping all different kinds of companies streamline and improve their processes. :)


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