Friday, June 13, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, y'all!  I'm looking forward to the weekend, and liking up with my five things today!


I finally got around to using that beautiful floral linen I shared a couple of weeks ago, and made myself a dress!  I used the Tank Dress pattern from Sew Caroline, and it was a very, very quick sew, was easy to make, and turned out really cute!  I have sewn two of her patterns now, and they are great women's patterns for beginners, and are really versatile dresses!  I already cut 2 more of these cute tank dresses, and think they'll be perfect for summer.  Can't wait to make more!


I just finished Friday Night Lights, and cried pretty much the entire last episode.  I loooooved that show!  I cried when Coach said that he didn't take the coaching position and it was Tami's turn, I cried when Julie and Matt got engaged, and I cried when Tim Riggins said, "Texas Forever" one last time.  I will miss that show!  But, onward.  And I have been looking forward to watching Season 2 of Orange is the New Black!  It's exclusive to Netflix, and is totally worth the $7.99 a month to watch it.It'll keep me occupied for a little bit, but then I'm going to need some suggestions!  What are your favorite shows?  


We've been having so much fun with my new Loganville MOMS group!!  We have been to a few playdates and made some new friends, and are looking forward to more get togethers!  It's nice to have other local moms to talk to and get to know, while we're all trying to raise our kids the best we can.  I can't wait for my first mom's night out with the group, and some of the other fun events throughout the summer!


If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw this (@amanda_goatandlulu), but I had a huge response to my newest (and most favorite) addition to the Etsy Shop, the Reversible Birthday Parade Pinafore and Ruffle Bloomers!  My friend Amy, of Total Tippins Takeover, needed a dress for her little Liza, who is turning one in July.  She had seen the parade fabric and wanted me to make her something with it, and voila, this is what I can up with!  The pictures don't even do it justice, it is really so adorable, and the fabric is so soft and beautiful!  I think Miss Liiza is going to be a dollbaby in this for her birthday!  And the set is also available in the etsy shop now, so check it out for your little lady!

My dad, with my brother and I in 1985

And of course, Happy Father's Day weekend!  I have such wonderful men in my life, including my own Dad, my father in law and my husband, and they are all such amazing fathers.  We celebrate you this weekend, and thank you for being so supportive, so loving, and always there when we need them.  Thank you for all you do!  We love you!

And with that, I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Be careful with that "orange is the new black"!! Once you get on.. its REALLY hard to get off that ride... I was doing a good job of one a night... then I had a day off and just binge watched 6 in a row!!!
    Great show suggestions:
    1. Orphan Black... really good!!! BBC America
    2. Masters of Sex... kind of like Mad Men but more sex..Showtime
    3. Fargo... kind of like the movie but a little better FX
    4. The Americans... if you like the 80's.. you'll love The Americans.. but seriously.. my hubsband LOVES this show...Fox
    5. The League... very funny.. very cute.. FXX

  2. Oooooh, thanks Suzanne!!! I watched Masters of Sex for a while when Homeland was on, and I need to get back into it! And I have heard good things about The Americans, so maybe I'll try that next! I haven't heard of the others, but I will definitely give them a try!!

  3. I so wish there was a Mom's group around here. I'm so jealous!


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