Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day Recap

We had a pretty fun day yesterday, celebrating Scott on Father's Day!  The girls share my excitement and enthusiasm for holidays and especially all the fun that goes into celebrating holidays. so they were jazzed, so excited, and ready to start celebrating Father's Day as soon as Grayson announced, "it's morningtime!" firsst thing in the morning. :)

We sat Scott's gifts out on the kitchen table for him to open.  Brantley decorated his gift bag by drawing a picture of our family!  You can't see in the photo, but I love how she always includes pictures of the dogs too in our family drawings. :)  

For mother's day, we had the cutest mugs made for my mom and my mother in law.  Brantley drew a picture of each grandmother with the three kids, and wrote, "we love you! Brantley, Grayson and Ben," and we scanned the pictures, and sent them to a lovely lady on etsy who then digitally applied the pictures (I don't know how) onto mugs for us.  They turned out beautiful, and were big hits with Bammy and Nana!  And I wanted to do the same thing for Father's Day, for Scott, my dad and my father in law (sorry for the spoiler, Pop and PaDaddy, since you haven't received your gifts yet, but you're getting one too!  Surprise!).  I ran out of time, though, and we had to DIY the mugs (which was really okay, though, since the etsy lady charged $30 per mug, which was pretty steep!).  I bought the plain white mugs at Wal Mart, and we bought the oil based Sharpies from Office Max (PS-to do this project, you have to use the oil based sharpies, which are more like paint pens than normal sharpies.  They were tough to find, but they had a good selection at Office Max).  When we got home, Brantley drew pictures and wrote everything out on the mug, and we baked it in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  This sets the ink so it is permanent on the mug (also, it's recommended that even though the ink is set and "permanent," it's best to only handwash the mugs).  So instead of spending $30, we spent $3!  Not too bad, and it turned out adorable!  Scott loved it. :)

I got Scott a card, but have you noticed how much the price of greeting cards has increased in the past few years??!  So instead of buying three more from each of the kids, we downloaded these cute printable cards, and the kids colored pictures of themselves and Daddy on their cards!  They loved drawing the pictures, and they were so proud to give Scott their own cards.  

We also filled out this cute "Daddy Questionnaire," made by my friend Amy of Total Tippins Takeover.  I asked Brantley all the questions, and I loved her answers!  I think it's adorable that she said that his favorite thing to do is take her and Gracie on dates, ha! :)  She's probably right. :) :)

I went and picked up chicken biscuits (and beignets for Mommy!) at a local place that we love, instead of trying to brave Waffle House or IHOP with everyone else in Loganville and their fathers.  Fine by me!

Ben stayed in that exact spot for a good 35 minutes, at least!

Scott actually had to get a little work done, so thanks to Toy Story 3 (and it's mesmerizing properties), he was able to get some things accomplished.  Hooray!

And while Ben was napping, Scott watched a little of the US Open, and might have taken a nap or two.  Me and my two "mommy friends" (Brantley's very favorite thing lately is to pretend  she's my "mommy friend" :)) sat on the deck, drank pretend lemonade, and talked all about our kids.  Those girls. :)

Once the boys were up, Scott decided to start the grill and we blew up the bouncy house to jump while her was grilling!

Then dinner!  We had some of Scott's favorites: ribs, potato salad and tomato, cucumber and onion salad.  The ribs were delicious, and the salads were perfect for summertime!  ALLLLL plates were cleaned!

We purposely ate dinner a little early so we could take our time eating some popsicles after the meal was over.  We sat on the front steps, and enjoyed them in the lovely early evening air.  It was perfect!

After baths, and stories, and hugs, and we wrapped up our Daddy's Day celebration.  There is no doubt that these kids love their daddy, and are the luckiest kids in the world to have him love and adore them as well.  Happy Father's Day, Scott, we sure love you.  And I hope you and your family had a lovely day celebrating the Daddy in your life as well!

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