Thursday, June 12, 2014

Brantley's Birthday Celebration

Whew!  What a birthday Miss Brantley had yesterday!  We had a really, really fun day celebrating Brantley's fifth birthday, and I'm sharing everything we did today!

We started it off as we have for the last few birthdays (maybe a new birthday tradition?), with Birthday Sprinkle cinnamon rolls!  We sang to the birthday girl (who was up at the crack of dawn because she was so excited) first thing, and let her open her presents from Bennett and Gracie.  They picked out a Belle Barbie and a Barbie Fashion Designer notebook and marker set.  She was ecstatic, of course.

After breakfast, we played around for a little bit, and took phone calls from family, and then got dressed and ready to head out for lunch and shopping, and ear piercing!!!

I got my ears pierced when I was five, and thought that it would be something that Brantley would like to do too.  She is constantly pretending to be mommy, or one of my mommy friends, and so I knew getting earrings would make her feel more grown up.  She was so excited, but a little nervous since she knew it was going to hurt a little.  But I was excited and nervous too!

I held her hands the whole time, and she was so brave!  She cried for just a minute after the girl was done, but really bounced back quickly.  She was so proud of her earrings, and has been looking at herself in mirrors all day! :)  After her ears were pierced, I let her go through Claire's for a little (but very reasonable) "shopping spree."  She had a blast picking out a second pair of earrings, a necklace, purse, some makeup, and bracelets.Who wouldn't like a shopping spree?!  And by the way, did you know that if you get your ears pierced at Claire's, you get a coupon for 50% off your next purchase!  It is actually a really good deal, and our shopping spree ended up being 50% off and didn't end up costing a fortune!

Proud girl! 

After Claire's, we headed to the Which Wich Sandwich Shop!  And then we headed to Crazy 8 to pick out a birthday outfit, and hit up their great summer sale!  Brantley had a big time picking out some new outfits, just like "your mommy friends, right mama?" :)

Ben needed to take a nap after lunch, so we headed back to the house.  Gracie actually fell asleep too, so me and the big girl had some down time to relax, and someone got a little manicure, complete with nail jewels! :)

Once everyone was done napping, we headed to Brusters for ice cream!  Of course it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. :)

At our house, you can request whatever you'd like for your birthday dinner, so we continued on with that birthday tradition too!  Brantley is a big fan of spaghetti, so that was exactly what we had.

One more fun birthday tradition we have is that I always make the kids their own birthday cake on their actual birthdays.  I may make cupcakes or order out for a cake for their parties, but on their actual birthday, I make whatever cake they want.  This year, Brantley requested a strawberry cake with vanilla frosting and strawberries on top, and that's what the girl got!  Thankfully, my baking skills are improving, and the cake was pretty and yummy!

We sang to the big girl, and then cut into that cake!

Everyone enjoyed the cake but especially a certain little boy... :)

After dinner, we took baths, played, and cuddled with Dolly for a bit.  everyone was ready for bed since we had had such a packed and fun filled day!

So, Happy Birthday, Brantley!  We really had a fun day celebrating with her, and made five a memorable birthday.  Here's to a fun and exciting fifth year!!

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