Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Grayson Turns Three

First of all, I'd like to thank you for all the sweet emails, texts, messages and comments on my post yesterday, and for my birthday!  Sometimes when I'm writing this blog, I think, "who even cares about me and what I write on here?!" But evidently, there are those of you that read the (seemingly trivial and sometimes shallow :)) musings I post in my little blog space, and I really am appreciative.  And I had a great birthday, filled with lots of love and happy family time, and the all-time sweetest handmade card from my husband that meant more than any gift he could've bought me (though I am getting a new rug for the deck!).  But seriously.  Sometimes don't you just want to know that you are important and that you really are adored and loved?  Yes, of course I know he loves me, but thoughtfulness goes a long way, and sometimes having those sentiments put down in writing is just very special. :)  BUT ANYWAY...I am getting off track!  To the real post for today, my Gracie's big day on the 17th!

My sweet Gracie turned three on the Saturday, and we had a great family day.  We woke up and snuggled for a while in bed and watched cartoons as we do almost every morning (both the girls usually end up coming and getting in the bed with us at some point during the night or early in the morning, and though I could do with sleeping the night without them, I love snuggling with them in the morning :)).  I got up and got ready, made some coffee and sprinkle birthday cinnamon rolls, since they are G's favorite. :)

We sang to her (which as you can see above, she clearly loved), and opened presents!  For birthdays, we tend to keep it pretty simple in the immediate family.  Our kids are SO blessed and SOO lucky to get showered with gifts from friends and family, and want for pretty much nothing.  So for birthdays, the kids give each other a small gift (Brantley gave Gracie a Cinderella Barbie and Ben gave her a pair of princess shoes), and then Scott and I have started a new tradition of giving the kids each a "forever gift" for each birthday.  It may or may not be something that they will like right now (hopefully they'll appreciate it!), but it will be something they can keep forever, and take with them and keep as adults.  We have SO many toys and they get clothes regularly, that I like the idea of something they can keep that will mean something to them later.  So this year, we'd decided that that we'd give Grayson (and then Brantley for her birthday next month) a sweet little sterling silver heart necklace.  Since the girls and I have birthdays that are all within a month of each other, this Erin Pelicano set was perfect (seen below).  I loved the idea of having the mother necklace for myself with two hearts cut out for each of the girls, and then the girls having a heart necklace of their own.  I guess I'll just have to get a necklace for Ben to wear with it!  I went ahead and gave each necklace to the girls and they were very proud to wear them, and they really are so dainty and precious on them.  I hope they'll treasure them for a long time, and maybe be able to pass them onto their own daughters.

Erin Pelicano on Etsy 

So after breakfast and presents, we got dressed (in coordinating Goat & Lulu, of course :)), and headed to Cleveland, Georgia, to meet Bammy and PaDaddy and go to Babyland General, the home of the Cabbage Patch Babies!  We took Brantley there for her third birthday, and thought we'd do the same for Grayson. :)

Wearing her Erin Pelicano necklace and the Seersucker Criss Cross Ruffle Bubble from the Goat & Lulu Etsy Shop!

If you've never been, Babyland General really is pretty neat, especially if you grew up in the 80's and 90's like me, and probably had 10 or 20 Cabbage Patch babies!  There are Cabbage Patches on display in the collection that are on sale there for upwards of $15,000!  

Like Brantley did 2 years before, Grayson got to pick out a Cabbage Patch baby out of the actual cabbage patch, and adopt it for her birthday!  

She only came home with one :)

The coolest thing about visiting Babyland General is that every 20 minutes or so, they do a "live birth" and deliver a Cabbage Patch baby!  If you're lucky (and have plenty of $$$ you want to spend) the baby born can be for you and named by you right then and there (we just picked one out of the cabbage patch, which is much more cost effective :)).  It's a cute little presentation, and worth the trip.  Sorry for the blurry photo.

PaDaddy and Brantley watching the baby be born :)

Ben and Gracie were much more interested in playing with all the fun toys :)

Bammy packed a fun birthday picnic for us, with pimiento cheese sandwiches, deviled eggs, chips, fruit salad, and banana nut cupckkes with peanut butter and chocolate frosting, and since it was 54 DEGREES, we had to eat it in the car!!  But, I don't know about you, but delicious deviled eggs taste just as good to me at a picnic table as they do in the backseat of my parents car, so we were just fine with it.

The kids were pretty pooped once we were done, and the birthday girl slept almost the entire way home.  Ben and Brantley got little catnaps too, so everyone was refreshed once we got home. :)

Snuggling Sophia Monkey, our new babydoll!  Grayson named her herself, clearly.

Once we got home, we turned right around and headed up to Pet Smart, to pick up a new addition to our family, our new Beagle, Dolly!  You can read all about her in yesterday's post, if you missed it.

After we brought Miss Dolly home, we played outside and Gracie swang and swang and swang.

Then the girls had a parade and a "fancy party" for Dolly to welcome her to the family, of course.  What else would good, Southern ladies do?

And to end the night, as our family tradition goes, the birthday girl got to eat the dinner of her choice off the special day birthday plate.  I made this plate years ago, with my sister in law, for a Mama's Night Out, painting pottery, remember Linds?! :)

I also always make each child a homemade birthday cake on their actual birthdays.  I may or may not source out a cake or cupcakes for their birthday parties, but I want them to have the memory of mom always making them their very own birthday cake on their birthday.  This year Grayson wanted butter cake with chocolate frosting (which happens to be my favorite too!), so that's what the girl got.  It's not gourmet, and it's not beautiful, but it sure was tasty.  And it was made with a lot of love.

We sang Happy Birthday to her again when we lit the candles on her cake, and she smiled the whole time.  She even blew them out, which was her first time doing that.  Sweet girl. :)

We are so proud of our Gracie Girl, and love her so, so very much.  Her third birthday was full of joy and fun family time, and can only hope for many, many more birthdays just like that.  Happy Birthday, Grayson!

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