Friday, May 23, 2014

Five on Friday

TGIF!  I am linking up with the lovely ladies of the Five on Friday party and sharing five random things on this Friday before Memorial Day!


We are headed to Blue Ridge this weekend, and I am having a Goat & Lulu Trunk Show at the adorable gift and home decor shop, Gatewood Hall Gracious Home, tomorrow!!  My mom actually works in the shop, and it honestly, has some of the cutest and most coveted merchandise I have seen.  Very Anthropologie-ish; unique gifts, found and antique items, and one of a kind pieces, mixed with luxury home brands you'd recognize.  I am so excited to set up my little table and show Goat & Lulu off to the wonderful people of Blue Ridge!  And if you've never been, it's a beautiful, small mountain town with gorgeous scenery, and a great downtown!  Lots of cute, cute shops and really good restaurants.  So, if you're in North Georgia, you should definitely come and say hello!!!


Miss Dolly is finally getting acclimated to our family!  She has been verrrrrrrry shy, and was staying curled up in the corner of our bedroom pretty much all day long!  But on Thursday, she started peeking her head out of the bedroom, and walking around the house a bit.  She'll still pretty much run away if you come near her, but at least she's starting to explore.  She is as sweet as she can be, and haven't heard so much as a bark, growl, howl or anything out of her yet.  But she likes to curl up and snuggle on the sofa and on the bed, and the kids are head over heels in love with her.  So, so far, so good!


The redecorating of the deck is coming right along!  The deck is clean and stained, and my Dad made these gorgeous benches for me for my birthday.  I have ordered some nice, big, comfy cushions (2 chaise lounge cushions are going to fit perfectly!), and have been on a roll collecting colorful pillows!  I have bought a few (but refuse to pay more than about $15 each, thanks to awesome selections in my local TJ Maxx and Marshalls!), and have made several also.  And since this picture was taken, I have added 6 more, thanks to a sale on canvas duck fabric at Hobby Lobby (and is a type of fabric, not acual duck printed fabric!  Haha!).  Up next after the cushions are in and all the pillows are bought and/or made...the rug!  I have my eye on a big, beautiful navy and natural striped rug that is going to fit perfectly.  I love how everything is coming together so far!


With this beautiful warm but not too hot weather we've been having this week, we have been on a popsicle binge lately!  I bought the greatest little popsicle sets from the grocery store, and we have been mixing up yummy treats to freeze for the afternoons.  The kids love them, and they are perfect to enjoy on the front porch (or newly redecorated deck!) right before bathtime.  Our first batch was blended up strawberries, banana, oj and peaches (smoothie leftovers), which was delicious.  We made a Coke float version with Coke, vanilla ice cream and a few maraschino cherries, and last night we just had straight up frozen orange juice.  I want to add vanilla ice cream to orange juice for our next batch, for an orange creamsicle!  And also make an adults-only "Pop-tail" with some Bailey's!  Sounds like the perfect treat to me!  Do you make popsicles during the summertime?  Any awesome flavor combinations we need to try??


With this Monday being Memorial Day, I hope we can all remember that the reason we can celebrate our three day weekend, our barbeques and pool parties is becuase of the millions of men and women who fight and those gave their lives to preserve our freedom, our rights, and our way of life in this wonderful country that we live in.  I am proud to be married to a veteran, and the daughter in law of one, and I am so thankful for their service, and the service of so many others.
Happy weekend, friends!  Be safe, have fun, and see you Monday!
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