Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring Florals

I am loving all these floral prints that are so popular this Spring.  I usually stick with classic stripes or polka dots, but this season, floral prints seem to be the perfect way to incorporate more color, more interest, and a little more creativity into an otherwise basic outfit.

I thought I'd share three of my favorite floral looks today!


Definitely the easiest way to wear a floral!  A good way to try out the trend and not spend a lot of money.  If you typically shy away from prints, you can wear a floral scarf with a classic striped t, or even a basic solid t or button up for a classic, romantic look.

I have shared before that I am not a big shorts fan.  BUT...I am in love with these floral numbers with cute striped t shirts!!  And the floral scalloped Lilly shorts?  I died when I saw these and scooped them up (with plenty of coupons and discounts, I assure you!)!  I love how shorts look in the summer with roomy tunics and button ups, and certainly with my good old striped t's too.

And certainly, for the most floral impact, the maxi!  The skirt above is from Anthropologie and is gorgeous, and I really like this maxi dress from Old Navy too.  Both are very romantic, and the prints are beautiful, light and airy, but with big, bold prints.

What do you think of the floral trend this season?  Something you'll be working into your mommy wardrobe?

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1 comment:

  1. I need that skirt and that dress! I'm really loving floral this year too. It's so shabby chic :)


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