Thursday, April 10, 2014

Scenes from the Mountains

Since this week is Spring Break for us, we decided to take a short trip to see my parents in Blue Ridge, Georgia!  We haven't been up to their house since Christmas (and even then, just for one night!), so our trip was overdue.  Even in our half day we've been here, I already have some sweet pictures:

Ben checking out the fire PaDaddy had going in the fire pit. :)

Pink dogwoods beginning to bloom!

Bammy's salad garden is growing too!

Rocking on the swing in the playhouse :)

Hey Bammy!

The girls love the games on Bammy's phone and computer, but hopefully we won't be seeing as much of this in the upcoming days... :)

Bammy and Ben with building blocks

My parents met me with homemade cookies and home brewed beer when we got into they know me well or what? :)  And seriously.  Can you beat this view off their deck??

More block building...

And someone got a nap in the car on the way up that usually does not nap, and got some late night one on one time with Bammy. :)

So excited to have a few days away from home, to relax and enjoy the rest of our spring break. :)

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