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My Spring 2014 Must Haves Follow Up: Where to Find Them

I posted about my clothes and accessories must-haves for the Spring a few weeks ago, with great response!  I even had a few people ask where I could find everything, and I thought I would share!  

I have been picking things up here and there, so I can share where I personally bought the pieces I have, and the places I found each item for my collage, too.  Investments and budget friendly options, alike!

Polka Dot T-

Hard to beat $13.90 for this one from Forever 21!

Also LOOOOVE this one from Gap, only $14.95!  Awesome deals!

Pink Jeans-

Oh, if money were no object!!  I would be rocking these 7 for All Mankind pink jeans, no doubt.  But alas, $178 jeans are not in my budget!  But they are so cute!

But, these pink cropped jeans from Old Navy are a very close second!  And for only $29.94, I can definitely handle these!  Plus, Old Navy ALWAYS has a sale, and I never buy anything there for full price, so they'll be even less!

These traditional Ray Ban Aviators are just my favorites.  They have a smaller frame, and actually fit better on my face than some other oversized aviators (I have actually had these exact glasses twice already, and broke them both times :/).  They are an investment at $150 (which maybe I shouldn't be making again??).
For a less expensive option, I really like this Jessica Simpson style, for only $36!  Not nearly as bad a price, and not nearly as painful when you sit on them and bend the frame for the third time... :)

Floral Kimono- 

I had GREAT luck finding a really pretty sheer floral kimono on, of all places, Amazon!  I got this one pictured above (but obviously will be styling it differently), for only $20 with free shipping (gotta love Amazon prime!)!  It's hard to tell, but it's mint with dogwood blossoms on it, and I love it.  Totally love it.  

I almost got this one, which is $30, and light pink, but I figured I'd save $10 and get the mint one.  I thought this was really pretty too.

Gold Locket- 

This was easy.  I searched "gold locket" on etsy, and 13,000 items popped up!  They range in price from $5 to $5,000 (literally, and up!), so the options are practically endless.  The one pictured above is $41, and I love the antique feel of it.

This one, though, is probably the one I'll be getting.  It's only $24, and holds 4 photos!  I can have a picture of each baby, and maybe even one of Scott. :)

Pink Lipstick-

Back, many moons ago, I worked in cosmetics and spent a fortune on makeup.  I tried every single line, and loved buying new makeup.  Nice makeup is such a luxury now, and one that I do not often afford myself.  $25 is just a lot of money for lipstick!  But, I love Bobbi Brown cosmetics, and love her lipsticks.  Tulle, which is a soft neutral pink would be perfect for Spring.

But $3???  That I can swing.  ELF cosmetics are inexpensive, but have actually been heralded as great beauty buys and good products for the price!  Plus, if you end up not liking the color (which happens pretty regularly with me, and most women, I would assume), you haven't just thrown away $25!  I like this neutral pink, Wink Pink.

Distressed Skinny Jeans-

Bought these jeans, and am pretty much obsessed with them.  They are the Sweetheart Distressed Skinny Jeans from Old Navy, and I love them.  They come up a little higher, are the perfect lightweight denim, and are seriously great rolled up with flats, or with wedges, heels, and can be transformed from totally casual to a night out.  Oh, and $34??!  I have almost gone back and bought another pair.

I hardly need to even show another pair, but if you have a bunch of money that you want to spend on a good pair of jeans, I have heard these AG skinny distressed jeans are awesome.  But, I'll be sticking with Old Navy since these are $225. :)

Nude Wooden Platform Sandals- 

LOVE these.  $179, but I love them.  They will probably always be in style, and will last forever, but I just cannot buy shoes for $179.  I cringe when I buy shoes for $79.  Here's my problem: I like far too many things and want far too many things to ever spend a lot of money on any one thing.  Good thing I am very resourceful, and can usually find either a good deal or a good substitute!
And Old Navy comes in for me again!  I saw these heeled clogs in the store, and picked them up immediately.  They are not exact, but they'll do juuust fine.  $34 sandals, I can handle.  I will be wearing them ALLL summer.

Gold Bow Earrings-

More goodies from etsy!  Love this pair for $14.

Scalloped Ballet Flats- 

These Lauren Conrad ballet flats from Kohl's are the exact ones in my collage above, and they are adorable!  I love the scallops and the cutouts, and the price, at $34.  They also come in several different colors, so you can go bright or go neutral.  I love these aqua ones.

These gold Sam Edelman's are cute too, but at $89, I actually like LC's version better anyway!

Striped Tote- 

Now, if I was going to splurge anywhere, it would be here.  I carry SO MUCH in my bag, that if I use a cheap purse, it will literally fall apart under the pressure.  With such a classic shape and traditional stripe, spending more on good quality that I truly will use over and over every year is more practical.  This Tory Burch Kerrington Shopper would be perfect to carry throughout the summer (and rest of the year!).

I kind of love this one too, though!  Canvas, $49, and durable (plus, if it gets messed up, so what?!), it's definitely a less expensive option.

One Piece Swimsuit- 

J. Crew has pretty, basic swim suits, and the prices are not out of this world.  This one is $88, and comes in a variety of pretty colors.  But, you guessed it, that is just too steep for me.  Again, I like to have a lot of clothes (swimsuits, shoes, necklaces, etc., etc.), and $90 is a lot of money.  That being said, as I get older, it gets harder and harder to find a swimsuit (let alone a few!) that fits really well.  So, as long as it's not crazy expensive, I say if the suit fits, you gotta get it.

But I have also seen more really cute one pieces and tankinis this year for really great prices, than the past few years I can think of!  A good friend of mine gt a suit very similar to this one from JC Penney, and said that there were several that she was narrowing down from!  Who'd have thought?!  This one is $56, which I think for a good, flattering suit, is a really good price.  Plus, how awesome would you look in this orange with a great tan?!  I think I'll be grabbing this one up. :)

Red Saltwater Sandals-
No other options, no substitutes.  I specifically wanted Red Saltwaters, and red saltwaters were what I got!  A friend let me know that they were on sale at amazon, so I scooped them up (along with a gold pair for each Brantley and Grayson, and a tan pair of the surfer style for Ben) for $25!  They are still on sale at amazon right now, and ship for free with Amazon prime.  Can't get much better!  And they are seriously so comfortable, genuine leather, and can be worn in the water.  They are cute with jeans, shorts and dresses, and I adore them already. 

Seersucker Dress-

It's just gonna be hard to beat this cute seersucker shift from Target.  It's $30, and I love the lace panel down the front.  I could actually make this dress pretty easily, but the funny thing about making your own clothes is that sometimes you can't make the dress for any less than you can buy it for.  Fabric can get expensive (seersucker especially), and after you've spent the money on fabric, notions, and the time it takes to make it, $30 and an afternoon in Target sounds pretty good.

But, I also love this adorable ruffled neckline on this one.  But, at $59, I would definitely make this style myself.  So cute!

So there you have it!!  A few options for where you can buy each of the must haves.  I like to freshen my closet every season with a few new things, but I don't think at all, that you have to spend a ton of money doing it.  Plus, if you spread out your purchases over the season, you always have something new and fun to wear and be excited about!

I'd love to know where you shop and where you find good deals.  Also, if you find any of the must haves at great prices, please share!!  Happy shopping!

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