Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, friends!  I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday, enjoying a gorgeous day (finally), and enjoyed your Easter!  we had a very relaxed day, spent time together, ate a bunch of yummy food, and even got to snuggle a bit. :)  Here's a little walk through our day:

Our Easter Mantel 

Up first, of course, was to check and see if the Easter Bunny came to visit!

The Easter Bunny came!

Going through the goodies

Ben loved his new shades!

Brantley liked hers too!  And yes, she's in mismatched Christmas jammies :)

The sunglasses were clearly a hit.


Coloring books!

Doc McStuffins!  Or, Da-Pi-Tuppins, as Gracie says :)

I told the kids that they couldn't have chocolate before we went to church, but they could have their peeps pops.  Which ended up being just as, if not more, messy than the chocolate would've been.  Oh well!

New sunnies and new beach shoes!

Loves those peeps :)

Who is that movie star??!

The Easter Bunny found a stash of spare change that he put into eggs for the kids.  Grayson loved piling up and counting her coins, and anytime anyone would get close to her, she would yell, "don't take my money!!"  It was hilarious!

So after all the Easter Basket fun, we had to get ready for church, and of course, I wanted pictures!  It started out a lot like this:

But, once the kids heard that the Easter Bunny would come take their goodies away while we were at church if they weren't good and didn't listen to Mommy, they perked right up! ;)

Still some tears!

I had the hardest time finding outfits for the kids that I really liked this year, so I decided to go ahead and make them.  So I made them Saturday night!  Nothing like the last minute.  Bennett already had the little peter pan collared button up, so I just made him the little blue seersucker jon jon to wear over it.  And to coordinate, I made Brantley and Grayson's dresses with pink seersucker and white peter pan collars, and white bows in the back.  I had never made the pattern before, and thought they turned out really cute.  I actually can't wait to make the dress again with some really cute summer prints!

Love this one!

The bows on the back of Brantley and Grayson's dresses

After we got back from church, I really wanted at least one picture of me with the kids, at the very least.  Everyone was pretty much pictured-out, but Scott snapped this one that I absolutely adore.

We got inside, and go changed, the kids snuck a bit more candy, and I got started on our Easter dinner.  My in laws were visiting for the beginning of the weekend, and were sweet enough to bring a nice, big Honey Baked Ham for us!  So the main dish was taken care of, which was a HUGE time saver.  I didn't want o make an enormous meal, but still wanted it to be special.  So, we had ham, fresh corn, roasted asparagus, macaroni and cheese from scratch, deviled eggs, rolls, and a coconut cake.  It was still a ton of food, but it was delicious.

I am very particular about macaroni and cheese...and have been on the hunt for the perfect mac and cheese recipe for quite some time.  Welp, I think I found it.  I will be sharing it on the blog in the next week or so, and it is to.die.for.  But it is definitely a once or twice a year kind of thing, because you will kind of die at the ingredients.  You wouldn't be able to fit through the door if you ate it on a regular basis.  But that's what makes it SO GOOD.  

And no, the coconut cake is not pretty.  But, it was also delicious.  I actually kind of improvised on the recipe, and it ended up working out perfectly.  It was so moist, so coconutty, and just the perfect Easter dessert.  I will also be sharing my shortcut coconut cake recipe on the blog this week!


Cake.  SO.GOOD.

Bennett liked the cake so much that he ate all of his piece, and then once Grayson got up from the table, he reached across the table, grabbed her plate, and ate the rest of hers!  That's my boy... :)

Sadly, Scott had to lave right after we ate for Savannah, for a work event, so we had to tell him goodbye for the night.  The kids and I enjoyed our time together after he left though, eating some more cake and more Easter candy, reading books, snuggling, and playing with their new soccer balls. :)  

A lovely, relaxing Easter with the family was just what we wanted, and just what we got.  Again, I hope you and your family had a nice Easter celebrating our risen Savior and had a great afternoon with your family.

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  1. What a beautiful Easter you had. Your children looked adorable. You did great on their outfits!
    The food all looks so delicious. Can't wait for the recipes :)

    1. Thank you so much, Angie! I hope you had a nice Easter too!

  2. Can you share a tutorial on how you made their dresses?? They are adorable!

    1. Hi Mindy! Here's the link to the pattern I used to make the dresses for the girls. I'll be making some more in the next few weeks, so I'll trty to remember to take pictures so I can document the process next time! :)

    2. Duh, forgot the link!


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