Monday, March 24, 2014

My Spring 2014 Fashion Must Haves

Spring is upon us, y'all!  And with another season comes fun new clothes, new trends and new styles.  We had a rough winter this year, and I am more than ready to put up my sweaters and boots (not my jeans, though :)).  It's no secret that I love clothes, and I love to shop, but if I don't focus and I'm not aware of what I really want, I'll end up with a closet full of clothes, and still not have the things I really want to wear!

So, like I did in the fall, I have made a list of my Spring 2014 Fashion Must Haves.  These are the things I want the very most, and anytime I'm out shopping, I have this list handy to make sure I get these items first so I can have a good basis for my seasonal closet!

So here are my must haves for this season, in no particular order:

1- Polka Dot T Shirt- Such a basic!  I have about 400 striped shirts, and DO NOT need another.  I think this cute polka dot t can be just as traditional.  Wear it alone with jeans or shorts, wear it under a cardi or with a striped skirt, and it definitely adds a girly flair.

2- Light Pink Jeans- Pastels are supposed to be huge this season, and though I am really not a big pastels girl, I am dying for some pastel pink jeans!  Where I wore so much mint last year, and mint jeans with everything, I can see these cute pink jeans subbing in.  I am also on the hunt for a good pair of white skinny jeans too.

3- Aviators- I must have 20 pairs of sunglasses stashed all over my house and car.  Every few years I either buy a new, nice pair, or are given a pair as a gift, and they are the only ones that ever get lost or broken.  I lost my nice Ray Ban aviators last summer, so I am in the market for a new pair.

4- Floral Kimono- If there was one thing I really wanted to get for the spring, it would be a sheer floral kimono!  More loose and drapey than a typical cardigan, and a sheer material, I think it would look so pretty over just a white tank or tunic and jeans.  It might even take the place of my trusty gray jersey drape cardigan that I wear all the time!  I love the feminine, and slightly hippie vibe it gives off, and would be such a fun piece.

5- Gold Locket- I love gold jewelry for the spring and summer, and am loving sentimental, delicate pieces right now.  And you know I would sneak a few pics of my babies in a sweet gold locket. :)

6- Pink Lipstick- I love a good, bold red lip pretty much all year round, but with the romantic pastels happening this season, I love the look of a soft almost fleshtone pink.

7- Distressed Skinny Jeans- With all these pastels and florals, a pair of good ripped up jeans keeps everything from looking too sweet.  I like distressed skinnies, and also a cute pair of distressed cropped skinny boyfriend jeans.  Does that even make sense? :)  I have heard that these from Old Navy are really cute.

8- Nude Platform Sandals- This is the other one thing I really, really want this year!  A pair of nude platform sandals with a mid height heel would be the most versatile pair of shoes for the whole summer.  You could wear them with pretty much anything; t shirt and shorts or jeans, sundress, to the beach, to church, to the mall, out to lunch, any and everywhere.  My very favorite are these that are pictured, which are Swedish Hasbeens.  They would be quite an investment for me, though, so I may either have to stalk ebay or find an alternative!

9- Gold Stud Earrings- Again, I like gold jewelry for the spring and summer, and love these dainty gold bow studs for something easy that I could wear for days on end without switching them out.  They would be versatile and low maintenence.  Win-win!

10- Scalloped Ballet Flats- Obsessed with these cute flats from Lauren Conrad!  I love the combination of the scalloped trend and the laser cut out trend, and of course the minty-turquoise color.  Again, they would go with shorts, jeans, skirts, and/or dresses, and would add a pop of color to a neutral outfit.

11- Striped Tote- I love a good tote anytime of the year, but I think this cute nautical striped one is especially cute for the summertime.  Plus, you can throw anything from sunglasses to sippy cups into it with plenty of room.

12- One Piece Swim Suit- I'm starting the bathing suit hunt early this year.  Not looking forward to it, but with two beach vacations already on the calendar for the summer, I'm gonna need a new swimsuit (or four).  Gone are the days when I can pull a few pieces off the rack at Target without even having to try them on (remember that??), so I'm looking for some ruching, or some ruffle detail, or some other special flashing lights or honking horns to divert attention from my "problem areas," and to "accentuate the positive." I'm thinking I'm just going to have to order a bunch of different suits, try them all on in the comfort of my own home (because swim suit shopping is bad enough, but with 3 unpredictable kids in the dressing room?  No thanks), and send back the ones that don't work.

13- Red Saltwater Sandals- I have bought Brantley and Grayson the classic and traditional children's Saltwater Sandals literally since they were old enough to fit into them, but only realized last year that they make them in women's sizes too!!  They are genuine leather, the perfect flat casual sandal, are a good price, will be in style forever, and come in a million beautiful summer colors!  I think the girls and I are going to have to match this summer, and we will all be sporting Saltwater Sandals!  Bennett will have a boy pair too, since I would hate to leave him out. :)

14- Seersucker Dress- Another very classic piece, I am on the hunt for a simple blue and white seersucker dress this spring.  Maybe a shift, or a faux wrap, maybe with a lace panel, or a ruffled neckline, I want a seersucker dress that will follow in line with everything else in my closet, and be a versatile piece that I can wear on many different occasions.  I have even found a few cute women's dress sewing patterns, so I may whip myself up a few different seersucker versions to wear all spring and summer long.

So what do you think of my choices?  What's on your must have list this spring?

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  1. Love these pieces, Amanda. I need that sweet Floral Kimono and Gold Locket. Where did you find them?

  2. Hi Dana, and thanks!!! Don't you LOVE that kimono?!! It's from, and the locket is from etsy. There are a million pretty gold lockets on etsy, all different prices, sizes and shapes. :) Best of luck in your spring shopping! :)

  3. This reminds me of Emily at The Beetle Shack! Love the style!!

  4. i LOVE all of these. can you please style me for the spring? and i'm going to need you to add in some links, girl! i want to look these pieces up!! :)


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