Monday, March 3, 2014

Breakfast Room Redo Progress and DIY Pom Pom Curtains

If you missed the original post, I am in the process (the looooong and slooooow process) of redecorating our breakfast room off the kitchen.  We, like most families, spend a lot of time around the kitchen table, and the breakfast room has been, decoratively speaking, neglected since we moved into our house, almost three years ago!  

The Before

The first things I wanted to knock out were going to be the most significant: get a rug to go under the table,  move our custom green frame onto the large empty wall, and replace the window treatment over the huge window in the space.  Well, lo and behold, both have been completed!

Adding a rug and changing the curtains alone have made this room look completely different already!  I LOOOOVE the rug, and the color it brings to the space.  I also love that the floor under the table doesn't look as dirty as it did when it was bare!  I think the rug also makes it look much cozier, and more homey.  Not to mention, the rug was less than $100!!!  I got it from, during a 70% off sale, with free shipping.  The quality is great, the color is perfect, and overall, I am really happy with it.

My brother cut out this huge wooden frame for me for Christmas a year ago.  I painted it green and mounted the black and white picture of the kids on it, and had it hanging over our fireplace mantel ever since.  But when I decided I wanted to change out the decor over the mantel on a more seasonal basis, I knew I wanted to move the frame, and this big, empty wall in the kitchen was perfect!  It matches the green in the rug, and brings our family into the breakfast room.  Plus, I love looking at those sweet faces anytime I can!
Speaking of sweet faces, how could I not post this picture of my sweet but unhappy boy as I'm trying to take pics of the breakfast room?!  The saddest photobomb ever.
For the curtains, I was pretty set on replacing the outdated cornice with simple white panels.  I did, however, want a little bit of interesting detail added to them, so as not to be so basic.  I looked and looked for inexpensive panels, but didn't really find anything I liked.  So, I decided to make them myself!  I found the perfect apple green pom pom trim that matched the rug and the frame, and knew it would be just the detail that the panels would need.  I couldn't have been happier with my pom-pom trimmed panels, and by using twin size flat bedsheets, I made them for only $17 total!

If you have very basic sewing skills, you can make these in about an hour!  I thought I'd share how I made them today!  They would be really cute for a kids room, playroom, or any space that you want a basic panel with a hint of personality. :)

Here's what you'll need:

2 twin size bedsheets 
(I used white since I wanted white panels, and they were $5 each at Wal Mart.  You could use any color you wanted with or without a pattern!)
7 yards of pom-pom trim 
(it comes in just about every color imaginable in fabric stores and online.  I found my apple green trim on etsy)
Sewing Machine and Thread

And here's what you do:

Start off by ironing your sheets.  No fun, but it's better to do it now to make sure all the creases are out and everything is nice and pressed.

Take the top of the sheet, where you should already have a nice cuff, where it would lay at the top of your bed, and fold it over itself.  Sew along the edge to create the pocket that your curtain rod will go through.  Repeat on the second sheet.  

I should've ironed better, huh?!  Ooops...

***In may case, the window I made the curtains for is very tall, so I didn't need to hem the length of the sheet.  I just used the entire length of the sheet, and they pool just slightly on the floor below.  But if you have a shorter window, you'll need to measure the length of the window, and add about three and a half inches (three inches for the pocket at the top where the rod will go through and be mounted to the wall above the window, and an extra half an inch for hem seam allowance).  Take that measurement, and measure from the top of the pocket down the length of your sheet, and cut across (remember to measure twice and cut once!).  On the cut end, fold up 1/4" and press.  Then fold over another 1/4" and press again, so you have a finished edge.  Sew in place, and your curtains are hemmed!  Luckily, I didn't have to add this step when I made mine. :)***

If you were not adding trim to the curtains, you'd be done with your super simple bedsheet curtain panels (you can also use rectangular tablecloths to make simple panels)!  But, we want to add some cute pom pom trim, so we continue on.

Pin your trim to the backside of your sheet (or you can not pin it in place if you're pretty confident with your abilities, or if you're just lazy like me), with the ribbon side to the inside, and the pom pom balls right over the edge of the sheet.  Make sure that you end your trim before you get to the pocket at the top, where your curtain rod will go.  You don't want to sew the pocket shut!

Sew your trim to the edge of the sheet, using your zipper foot on your sewing machine.  You can use your regular foot if you don't have a zipper foot, but using a zipper foot allows you to get much closer to the trim so you can make sure your stitches catch both the trim and the sheet, and the trim has better placement (in the pictures, I am actually using my regular foot because my zipper foot is currently MIA :/).  Repeat with second sheet.  Make sure you sew the trim onto the left edge of one sheet and the right edge of the other, so that when you put the panels on the curtain rod, that the trim is on the edges that are facing each other in the middle.

Once the pom pom trim is sewn on, you're done!!  Put a curtain rod through the pockets at the top of each sheet, making sure the trimmed edges are facing each other in the middle, and hang 'em up!  I already had a silver curtain rod that I wasn't using, so the grand total of the curtains for me was $17- $5 per flat sheet, and $7 for the pom pom trim.  Not too bad!

Very simple and very, very cute Pom Pom Curtains.
I love how they look in my breakfast room, and I can't wait to add the other industrial metal and colorful elements to the room to get the look I envisioned!

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  1. Love the pop of green, that rug is fantastic. You did a great job on those curtains too. I so wish I could sew but unfortunately I don't even have basic sewing skills!!

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