Monday, March 31, 2014

Afternoon at the Ballet

Yesterday, the girls and I had a special "Girls Day Out," and we went to our local Performing Arts Center to see a local ballet company perform Cinderella.
Brantley has taken ballet for about a year, and will continue this summer, and Grayson will be taking her first ballet class at a day camp with Brantley this summer.  They are both very familiar with Cinderella the movie, so I knew this would be a good story for their first show. :)

So we started off by getting our "fancy dresses," as Brantley calls them, on.

We left the boys at home and headed out on our girls day!  We couldn't resist getting a few cake pops and coffee (for mama) on the way... :)

We got there in plenty of time (I was so afraid we'd get lost or held up or something, that we left way early), so we just waited (pretty patiently, actually) for the theater doors to open so we could find our seats.

I thought we had great seats (but it's a pretty small theater, so I think all the seats are pretty good), and we were on the aisle!  Score!

We can't go anywhere without a snack, so we hit up the concession stand for some popcorn. :)

Which was completely gone before the curtain went up, but hey.

Grayson kept it classy by tipping up the popcorn cup to make sure she got every last kernel. :)

The show finally began, and both girls were enthralled.  Though Grayson talked THE.ENTIRE.TIME, I think they both really enjoyed it.  I even apologized to the two sweet grandmas (thankfully) sitting in front of us, and I told them, "I'm afraid they are going to talk the entire time." To which they begged me not to apologize and that they were darling. :)  'Shew.  And talk they did. 

"Mommy, loooooook!  Mommy, where's Cinderella?  Where are the mice?  Mommy, what's her name?  Oooooh, she's beautiful! (or boo-if-dul, as Gracie says :))  Mommy, is that the prince?  Mommy where's the prince?  Mommy is that the glass slipper?  THERE'S THE PRINCE!!! (Gracie exclaimed, during a seemingly silent part of the show, as everyone giggled around us. :))  Mommy, is it over? (Nope, just intermission.)  Mommy, do we have to go home?  Mommy, I have to go to the bathroom.  Mommy, can we get more popcorn?  Mommy is this the ball?  Are they Cinderella's sisters?  Mommy, will Cinderella see the prince?  Mommy is it over?  Mommy this was my FAVORITE ballet."

And there were about 400 more questions and comments worked into those 2 hours. :)

But, needless to say, I think they loved it.  The show was very kid friendly, and there were lots of little ballerinas in the audience.  Grayson got pretty squirmy, and even told me once that she wanted to go home towards the end, but she clapped and clapped when all the performers were giving their bows.  Brantley was the perfect age, and she got tired towards the end too, but then again, so did I!  The performers did a wonderful job, and made me a bit teary at times it was just so beautiful.  Made we wish I had never quit doing ballet! :)

I think I definitely checked a to-do off my Mama Forever-Bucket List yesterday, by taking my girls to their first ballet.  It was a wonderful girls day that I will always remember, and will treasure the time spent with my own little princesses. :)

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