Thursday, February 13, 2014

To Be Honest...

I feel ya, Monk.

I don't know if it's the freezing cold weather, or the fact that I have been stuck in the house since 
Sunday, but I'm feeling a little cynical (and stir crazy) again.  To be honest...

...I AM SO SICK OF THIS HORRIBLE WEATHER.  The girls have been at my parents house all week, which has been really nice, but with the two inch sheet of ice covering my house, driveway, and, evidently, my entire town, I have been stuck in the house all. week. long.  It wouldn't really even be that bad if I had not made appointments and had plans, and fun things to do while it was just me and Ben during the days.  But all was cancelled, and though we have had some good (and fun) quality time together, there was some good quality time to bed had OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE if the weather had cooperated.  Ugh.  I am so unhappy with you, Mother Nature.

...even though they are babies, I love One Direction!!!  When that song "Story of My Life" comes on the radio (on the very rare occasion that I actually get to listen to the radio, and specifically a radio station of my choosing), I turn it up, and sing along so loud.  And how cute is that little Harry Styles?!  Though, isn't he 18 or something?  That'll start making you feel really old: when you realize all the newest pop starts were born in the late 90's.  

...I really don't care much about watching the Olympics this winter.  But I have loved seeing the twitter pics and the Instagram photos of all the horrible accommodations and problems in Sochi.  See a bunch here.

...I don't even like watching real TV anymore.  I don't like having to wait a week (or more) in between each episode, I like to watch my shows the way I'm watching Sons of Anarchy right now, back to back to back to back to back, watching like 8 episodes in a row each day.  So Hulu and Netflix, thank you. car is a DISASTER right now.  We probably have about a box-worth of Cheerios covering the backseat floorboard, probably 3-4 pairs of random shoes (no pairs though, of course), 3 blankets, 3 filthy carseats, an array of babydolls, cars, books and purses, and more.  I was going to go get it cleaned out and detailed this week, but I CAN"T GET OUT OF THE HOUSE BECAUSE OF THE WEATHER.

Anybody else need to get it out?  Go ahead!  Vent!  Get it off your chest!

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  1. I am at work...Walton EMC....78 looked if you need to get out and can get past your neighboorhood to will be ok. Just my non-professional opinion. Stay warm and safe though!


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