Thursday, February 27, 2014

Our Trip Under the Sea

On Monday, we met our good friends Lauren and Matt in downtown Atlanta, and visited the Georgia Aquarium for the first time!

I actually worked downtown when the aquarium opened and had tickets for the week of the opening, but never got around to use them!  Now, finally, over seven years later, we finally made some time to go!  The aquarium has a "mommy and me" deal certain days of week (check the aquarium website for more info), and you pay $40 for one parent, and the kids get in for free!  So what would've been a $65 visit was $25 cheaper.  Score!

The girls had a great time, and while staying within arm's distance, they were able to have a little freedom and walk around.  Ben wasn't quite so lucky, and was strapped into the stroller the whole time.  If I had gotten him out for just one minute, he never would've gone back in!  But he didn't complain too much, especially since there was plenty to look at!

My favorite exhibit was the Beluga Whales.  It is amazing how enormous those creatures are!  And so graceful and playful too.  They were breathtaking to watch!

Brantley and Grayson both said their favorites were the sharks, the whales, the otters and the penguins. :)

I also really loved the tunnel through the biggest tank.  You walked (or rode the moving sidewalk) through the tank while huge fish, manta rays, and sharks swam all around you!

For some reason, the girls really loved the jellyfish too!

We wanted to watch the live dolphin show, but since it was getting about lunchtime, we had some whiny buddies on our hands, and we'd have to leave the strollers to watch the show, we decided to get lunch instead!  And where else but Johnny Rocket's across the street!

Other than being a bit wiggly before the food arrived, all the kids were very well behaved, and thoroughly enjoyed their milkshakes (I may or may not have had a chocolate banana one myself!) and hamburgers.

It was such a fun day, and so good to finally get out of the house and experience something new with the kids.  We can't wait for our next trip to the aquarium!
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