Monday, February 3, 2014

Links I Love

The internet can be a very, very big place, and some nights I find myself alternating between Etsy, Pinterest and Facebook over and over again, not knowing where else to go.  Maybe I should go to bed?  Or read a book?  No, that's no fun.  I want to waste time on my computer instead. :)  I thought today I'd share a few links that I have enjoyed that you can glance through them if you ever find yourself in the same position. :)

Glennon Melton from Momastery has been on a roll lately.  She wrote this article for the Huffington Post about the questions that will save your relationships.  I literally cried through the entire first half of the article, because it could be my life to the t.  I think she's right, the questions she suggests you and your spouce ask each other each day could really completely change the way you talk to each other and strengthen your relationship.  Thanks, Glennon.

Not a link I love, but definitely worth sharing.  What a waste of wonderful talent.  So, so sad.
I am fiercely loyal to my tried and true Velveeta and Rotel cheese dip, but I am reeeeeeealy temped to try this Queso Fundido recipe from The Pioneer Woman

I am kind of dying to see this movie, though I really want to read the book first.
A Definitive Ranking of 25 Classic Disney Villains.  Do you agree??

Parenthood is one of our very favorite shows on tv, and though I don't really want to be a Braverman (being a Luton/Midkiff is pretty awesome!), this is a great list, and I hate that we have to wait until the end of February for the next episode!
I think this is such a great idea for a casual dinner party.  Would've been a a good idea for the Super Bowl, but maybe March Madness instead?
Old Navy's annual Baby and Kids Sale started Sunday.  I am DYING over this little trench for Brantley, I'm thinking Gracie needs this adorable dress, and my sweet Ben will look so handsome in one of these cute plaid shirts come springtime!
What have you been reading about, and what websites have you frequented online lately?  Any new (or new to you) blogs that you like reading??  I love new material!
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