Monday, February 10, 2014

Hello Monday

Hello Friends, and Happy Monday!  Here are a few things I'm saying hello to, to start out our week...

Hello to one on one time with this little (big) man!  While the girls are in the mountains with my parents for a few days, Bennett is getting a bunch of mama time, and it has already been so much fun.  He is really starting to talk and get super excited over books and ELMO.  That third picture above is him looking at my computer, watching Elmo videos, and he was OBSESSED.  I could hardly get him away from it!  We have a playdate planned for this afternoon, and some other mama and son fun in the next few days.  

Hello to cleaning up the house after a fun Valentine's craft playdate over the weekend!  We had a few of Brantley and Grayson's school friends over on Saturday and had a fun time crafting, and eating some yummy Valentines goodies.  I'll be sharing all the details tomorrow!

Hello...cold weather warnings?  AGAIN?  The forecast is calling for rain and snow again this week, and I'm over it.  It's nice if it snows once a winter in Georgia, but two or three times?  No thanks.  NOT okay.  Hopefully the whole city won't shut down this time.

Hello new outfits coming to the etsy shop this week!  Lots of new spring and summer items will be debuting, and even more to come!

Hello to an item checked off the DIY list in the breakfast room!  I'll be sharing a tutorial soon...can you guess what it is (or they are? :))

Hope you had a great weekend, and have a wonderful week!

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