Friday, February 28, 2014

Coffee Date Friday

Hello Friends!  Thanks for joining me on Coffee Date Friday, where we pretend we're actually meeting up to share a big (huge) cup of coffee (or three) together.  I'll be linking up with Rags to Stitches as usual, sharing our morning chat. :)
If we were meeting over coffee this morning...

...I would tell you that the Target One-Spot is equal parts wonderful as it is the devil.  Wednesday while the girls were at school, Ben and I took a little trip there for nothing in particular (first mistake), and came away with Sophia the First Painting Sets, and a cart full of gold glitter tape, confetti post it notes, two different calendars, and gold stripe notecards, you know, necessities.  Oh, Target, how you tempt me with your shiny dollar junk treasures!
On a good note, my nice, new, fancy Target has detachable cupholders to keep your hot Starbucks out of the reach of curious toddlers!  Well played, Target.

...I would tell you that the other night, I took the kids out to Chili's by myself, since Scott is away on business this week.  I have never taken all three kids out to a sit-down restaurant on my own, but we had been in the house too long, and mama wanted a beer and some chips and salsa. :)  So, I thought, worse case, we pack up and get everything to go, but the kids couldn't have been better.  Brantley and Grayson were sucked into the tabletop video games (GENIUS, by the way), and Bennett was fighting me over the chips and salsa.  We even made it long enough to order that amazing skillet chocolate chip cookie with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream, and it was just as good as it looks.  Ben kept pulling it to him and trying to take everyone's spoons so he could have to all to himself!  Of course, everyone got a little cranky just as we were leaving (it was bedtime anyway), but overall, I was so proud of how well they all behaved.  I was really expecting to have to leave early, but I think the kids were just as happy as I was to get out of the house and do something fun!  It was a great mama-kids date night. :)
...I would tell you that it has been a good week for Goat & Lulu!  With the awesome feature on cupcakeMAG, new products coming out, I have had a lot of great response and so much wonderful support.  So thank you so much for emails, texts, comments, and love!  It truly means the world to me to get so much encouragement and affirmation from people admire, from my friends and family, and my awesome repeat customers.  I will be hard at work this weekend, working on more spring and Easter styles for the upcoming weeks!  And thank you to those who entered the giveaway for one of my new Floral and Stripe Springtime Knit Infinity Scarves!  The winner is...Andrea Whittaker Lillis!  Congrats Andrea, and email me at today to claim your prize!! :)
...I would tell you that lots of things have been getting my attention this week, but the playroom has not been one of them.  And don't mind the chunky beagle napping on the sofa. :)
...I would ask you if you have any plans this weekend?  Lightening is striking twice for us, and we actually have another date night on Saturday night!  Scott and I are going out to eat with his business partner and his wife, and their teenage daughter is going to babysit the kids for us!  Sounds perfect to me!  And though the kids really have been good since Scott has been gone, I will need a break, I'm sure, by Saturday night!
...I would listen to whatever you needed to get off your chest, and whatever else you'd like to share.  Then I'd be off to preschool, where I'll be reading to Brantley's class this morning in honor of Dr. Suess' birthday!
I hope you have a great Friday, a wonderful weekend, and see you Monday!
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  1. G'mornin'! Lovin' the coffee date, and I would share that...

    ...Target is quite the evil temptress. I have been trying to limit myself to going just once a month or so but then I justify buying a few extra things when I am there because I only go once a month. Ha!
    ...That the cookie skillet looks to-die-for and like it may rival the one at Bricktops?? That alone may be reason enough to visit Chili's...not to mention all the ice, cold beer. those table top games are genius!
    ...That I hope you enjoy your date night and adult-only convos!

    Cheers! Have a great weekend!

  2. found you via coffee date. oh that Target ONE Spot gets me too! for the longest time i had my daughter convinced that way the toy section! :)


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