Friday, February 21, 2014

Coffee Date Friday

Hello Friends!  TGIF, right?  I'm linking up with Rags to Stitches for our weekly coffee date.  So, pull up a seat, grab a mug, and let's have a chat. :)

If we were meeting over coffee this morning...

...I would ask you what you've been watching on TV lately?  The Olympics?  I haven't watched a single event.  Not really on purpose, just not so interested this time around.  But I am SO EXCITED for all my regular shows to come back!  Grey's Anatomy, Parenthood, and all the other good ones.  I just finished watching the second season of House of Cards on Netflix, which is an awesome show.  If you're into political dramas, it's a twisted and good one.  I also just started the 6th season of Sons of Anarchy, my latest addiction.  It's an awesome show, but GEEZ, it's depressing!  Can something good happen for Jax and Tara?  Please?  I'm not sure I can take any more jail and kidnappings.  And I'm also pumped that Breaking Bad seasons 5, 6 and 7 will be available on Netflix on Monday!  Woohoo!  CLEARLY I watch entirely too much TV, but I can't just sit in silence when I'm upstairs sewing at night!

...and speaking of TV, I would ask you if you watched Jimmy Fallon's first show as the host of the Tonight Show?!  I am a big Jimmy Fallon fan, and loved watching him on Late Night.  His show is so fun, he incorporates so much music and cool guests, and he seems like he is a really nice guy.  I like how he seems to always be having a good time, and he has a lot of fun with his guests.  So far I think his new shows have been great, and I hope he's very successful and stays on the Tonight Show for a long time!

...I would tell you that I am so excited that Scott and I are going on a date night tonight!  Another woooooohoo!  Date nights are mighty rare for us, so this is a real treat.  Plus, Scott and I have been so busy this week, and just barely passing each other in and out of the door, that we need a bit of time to reconnect.  Scott's parents are coming for the weekend and are going to watch the kids for us tomorrow night, so how lucky are we that we get a date night and the kids get good grandparents quality time?!  We are so thankful to have both sets of grandparents always ready and willing to help, and anxious to spend time with our sweet babies!  

...I would tell you that I can hardly believe that I am going to be registering Brantley for kindergarten in just one short month.  I'm so nervous about having all my forms together, and her birth certificate and everything that I've been looking at the "registration checklist" everyday.  She is such a big girl, and she is just going to do so wonderful in elementary school, but, of course, my mama heart is aching in disbelief that my baby girl, my first born, is going to kindergarten.  It makes me want to make the most of the rest of this school year, and make this summer the best one yet, since this is will be it for her time staying home with her mama.  What a treasure it is, and a real honor to be able to stay at home and be Brantley's mom.  I know the fun is only just beginning, and I still have so much time at home with Grayson and Bennett, but the little girl that made me a mama is growing up.

...I would tell you that I'm working hard on some really cute new items for the etsy shop for Easter, spring and summer!  New fabrics and styles, new dresses, new bubbles and rompers, and some brand-spankin' new items too!  There is also going to be a new exclusive Certifikid deal (check out!) coming out the first week in March that you will not want to miss!  A special, personalized deal just in time for Easter!  It has been fun looking at new patterns and new fabrics and putting things together for the warmer months.  Because, I don't know about you, I am sooo ready for springtime!

...I would tell you that I have been hitting the jackpot when it comes to new spring clothes for the kids!  I ordered some really cute things from Old Navy during their Baby and Kids sale a few weeks ago, and totally took advantage of the Tom's sale on Zulily a few days ago!  Bennett can hardly get any wear out of his shoes before he grows out of them (he and Grayson wear the same size shoe now!), so the couple of pairs that he got for Christmas already have to be replaced with bigger ones.  And I hate to buy $30-40 shoes for him just to have to buy new ones 2 months later, so for now I'm grabbing things for him that are on sale.  Bigtime sale.  I'm also really excited about our preschool's consignment sale in a few weeks.  The past few years I have lucked out with great clothes (and swimsuits!) for the kids, and am crossing my fingers we find some more good things this year.

...I would ask you what's going on with you, how your kids are, and how you've been feeling.  I tell you, the whole week we spent iced in the house did a serious number on my attitude, and getting outside this week, getting some fresh air, taking the kids to the park and getting back in our routine has really turned things around.  Seasonal Affective Disorder is no joke, as far as I'm concerned, I think I had it first hand last week!  So I'd want to check with you and make sure you're feeling better too!

And that would be about it for me this week!  I would give you a big hug and say goodbye, and have to get home to get the house ready for Nana and Pop! :)  Take care, have a super fun weekend, and see you Monday!


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  1. Ahhhh! Your first born is going to kindergarten! I'm still about 4 years away from that point, but it makes my heart ache just thinking about it. I hope you had a great date night. Those have been few and far between over here as well. (As in, once in the last year...) I loved this little glimpse into your guys' life :)

    The Joni Journey


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