Thursday, February 6, 2014

Breakfast Room Redo: The Before

I'm moving room by room in my house, and reworking the decor in several spaces that I have been neglecting in the 2 1/2 years that we have lived here.  I have done a few things here and there in the master bedroom, the girls shared room is definitely a work in progress, but we spend SO much time in the kitchen that I wanted to really go after it and finally give it the look I have been wanting.

So, here are the before pictures:

A basic little breakfast nook, just off of the kitchen.  We have hard woods throughout the house, including in here.  And with three small children, meal time can get pretty messy.  Lots of spills and messes under that table.

I love our kitchen table, and the time I spent refinishing it and applying the custom vinyl.  But, it's looking a bit rough, and it's not quite big enough for all 5 of us to sit around.

And obviously, we need new chairs.  The four that we had originally were hand-me-downs, and had dog chew marks on the legs!  We had to add another random one when Bennett was done in the high chair and wanted to sit at the table in a booster seat with us.  I am all about the mismatched chair look, but I don't think this is quite as chic. :)

The cornice is a custom made window treatment, but was there when we moved in.  I think it's a bit outdated, and is not our style.  It definitely needs to go.

I have been making list after list, and pinning ideas left and right, but creating an idea board really helped me visualize the space.  And since the main floor of our house is very open, I wanted to be able to see what was missing and what I needed to add to make sure that the breakfast room was cohesive and flowed with the rest of the house.

So here's my idea board:

Breakfast Room Redo

First, and most important, an area rug to go under the table.  I want to protect the hardwoods under the table, and am also pretty sure that vacuuming the rug under the table will be so much easier than having to mop that floor over and over (not that I do, but I should)!

Secondly, I want to take down the cornice, and replace it with simple white panels on a silver curtain rod.  Very clean and simple, but also inviting.  Maybe a cute trim or decorative element along the edges...

I love my table, and am not 100% convinced that I will replace it, but my brother is a very talented woodworker, and just made the most beautiful farmhouse table for one of his friends!  How special would it be to have him make me a table for my birthday (hint, hint, Ramsey!)!  I have seen the plans for one that actually has a shelf underneath the table top, to hold all kinds of treasures like placemats, extra napkins and the such (and most likely crayons, cars, books, and doll clothes).  Plus, it would be a bit bigger, and give us some more room at the table for our family of 5, or if we have friends over for dinner.

Like I said, I love the look of mismatched chairs, and I feel like the chairs would be the perfect opportunity to introduce some color.  I will be hunting flea markets and antique stores for the perfect 4 or 6 chairs since kitchen chairs can be very expensive, and I am not looking to spend a lot on this room redo!

And then the fun accessories!  I want to use metal letters to spell "EAT" over the window.  My brother made a huge Organic Bloom-style frame for me last Christmas, and I painted it green and applied a picture of the kids on it.  I had it hanging over the mantel, but have since moved it and already have it hanging on the wall opposite the pantry doors in the breakfast room.  I love the bright green, and love that it will play off the green in the rug (which I have ordered already too!).  I'm in the market for some new everyday dinnerware, and think I want basic white again, and add in color with some brightly saturated latte bowls from Anthropologie.  I also am trying to add more greenery and plants into my decor throughout the house, so I think a cute little quatrefoil plant stand and succulent garden in the corner would be perfect (and out of the reach of little hands :)).

So, that's my plan!  I hope to have everything complete in the next couple of months.  I am on an extrememly tight budget, so I'll be borrowing from other rooms, scouring thrift stores, and working on a few projects myself.  It will be a fun challenge to see how much I can change the room and create the space I'm hoping for for as little money as possible!  I'll post updates, a few DIYs, and follow me on instagram and the hashtag #breakfastroomredo to see the progress!  I can't wait to share the reveal when it's all complete!

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  1. The idea board looks great! Can't wait to see it come together.

    I wanted to mention the best purchase I made last year because it is a time (and life!) saver! It is this cordless vacuum (that comes with a dustbuster attached!) that is AMAZING for quickly picking up crumbs under the kitchen table (and on hard wood floors, in general). I use it at LEAST once a day, quickly vacuuming under the kitchen table, and several times a week, getting up traveling dust/crumbs/dirt from the hardwoods from our downstairs. It literally takes less than 30 seconds to do under the table and maybe a minute or two for the entire downstairs. I mean, the thought of mopping every day?!?--ain't nobody got time for that! I got mine at Target but it's on amazon, too, and for less than $100. It is worth every penny and pays for itself with the amount of use it gets! I HIGHLY recommend!!!

    The Electrolux Ergorapido (retails for $85):

    1. Thank you and thanks for the rec!! That sounds exactly like something I need desperately! The kitchen gets straight up nasty, and yeah, I don't even want to admit the last time I mopped! Thanks for the info!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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