Monday, January 27, 2014

Hello Monday

Saying hello to a brand new week today!

Hello 15 month checkup today!  We'll be headed to the pediatrician for Ben's well check, and I'm anxious to hear all his stats.  I did weigh him last week though, and he was roughly 27 pounds, and Gracie was 26!  Brantley was 27 pounds at 3 years old, so clearly, Bennett is our best eater and big boy. :)  I'm just hoping he doesn't have to get too many shots. :/

Hello recovery from a fun filled weekend!  We had a great time visiting family, and wore the kids out as best we could on Saturday at a huge indoor playground.  I think the adults were just as tired as the kids when we got home!  And all three took good naps on our way home yesterday, so I'm hoping they've caught up on rest and will be good as new by tomorrow.  Sometimes those short but eventful trips can zap your energy!

Hello Valentines orders!  Friday was the last day to order Valentines items from Goat & Lulu, so I'll be working on bunches of orders this week, getting them mailed out in time for the big day.  I'm anxious to get them done and shipped so I can focus on some other projects, and also create some new Easter designs!

I'm also saying hello to lots and lots of home projects.  Purging, organizing, cleaning, prioritizing, and decorating; I am ready to get a bunch of the projects that I have had on the backburner for so long finfally FINISHED!

Hello laundry, dishes, unpacking bags, blah, blah, blah...can't I just have one more Sunday before I have to jump back into all this?!

Happy Monday, friends.  What are you saying hello to today?

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