Friday, January 24, 2014

Coffee Date Friday

Coffee Date Friday is upon us, friends!  Where we sit down at our computers and pretend we're actually meeting up in real life for coffee, or tea, or hot chocolate, or whatever other hot beverage we choose to drink on this freezing cold Friday morning.  I'll be linking up with Rags to Stitches as usual, for lots of good chit-chat. :)

If we were meeting over coffee today...

...I would tell you that we will be on the road this afternoon!  We are heading up to Fort Mill, South Carolina, outside of Charlotte, to visit my brother in law, sister in law, niece and nephew!  We're looking forward to some fun family time, letting the kids play with their cousins, and lots of catching up.  Before kids, Scott and I and Clay and Lindsay had condos in the same complex in Atlanta, and we spent lots and lots of time together, and were only steps away from each others doorstep!  So it'll be fun to relive some of those old memories and reminisce about the "old days!" :)

...I would tell you that I have been hard at work on lots of sewing projects.  Not only do I have bunches of Valentines orders to fill, but I am working on a special gift for my sweet niece, Sally Kate, who turns one this coming Thursday!  No sneak peek, though, it's a surprise! :)  But one that is not a surprise is a pinwheel quilt that I am working on for my niece, Raleigh, who turned two earlier this month (and who we'll be seeing tonight!).  I have made smaller appliqued quilts in the past, and have completed much smaller quilting projects, but this is a full size pinwheel quilt for her bed.  A much larger undertaking, but I am so, so happy with how it's going so far.  It's a simple pattern, but so beautiful.  And it's easy to sew, but time consuming.  But, just from what I have put together so far, it's going to be totally worth it.  And I have realized how much I really love quilting through this project.  I am already planning out the next (few) quilts I want to start working on after this one!  Here's my progress so far...

The very first block!

Four blocks together

Two rows complete, four more rows to go!  And don't mind my feet, I had to stand on a chair to get a full shot!

...I would tell you that my poor, poor Ben is fighting another virus, doggone it.  I will admit, the extra snuggles are so nice and sweet, but not at the expense of him feeling (and acting) so pitiful. :( :( I'm hoping he feels better for our trip this weekend, and I'll be so anxious to hear about all his stats at his 15 month (though he just turned 16 months) check up on Monday!

...I would tell you that this super cold, frigid weather is for the birds.  Not liking it.  We had the most beautiful day on Monday, and the kids played outside, and I even sat in the sunshine too, but come Tuesday, Old Man Winter reared his ugly head again.  No bueno.  Cold weather is fine and all, and I am not ready for spring and/or summer, but these gusts of wind and below freezing temps are just too much for me.

...I would tell you that I know I am waaaaaay behind the curve, but, again, I watch tv on my computer when I sew late at night, and have become HOOKED on Mad Men.  I never began watching it when it was on tv, and befre I realized I may want to watch it, the series was too far in to just jump in.  So I started from the beginning, and am almost through season 3, and it's amazing, and I'm obsessed.  For so many reasons.  How do they make you completely love Don Draper, a philandering, lying husband, and hope SO MUCH that Betty will stay with him (though, I know they do get divorced, bummer)?  And the fashion is so inspiring.  Betty Draper is my style icon with her perfectly coiffed hair and bright red lipstick.  I love how dressed up housewives were in the 60's; my what I wore Wednesdays would be nothing!  Anyway, it's an amazing show, and I am officially in love with Jon Hamm.  Sorry, honey.

I'd have to wrap up and get back to packing for our little roadtrip this weekend, and take the rest of my coffee to go (because you know one cup is not enough for me :)).  I hope you have a wonderful weekend, stay warm, and hope to see you on Monday!


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  1. If we were sharing coffee, I'd tell you that..

    ...I am excited to be able to do it IN PERSON tomorrow morning and that we are so excited y'all are coming to visit!
    ...that I am obsessed with Raleigh's quilt! Obsessed! It will be so beautiful in her room, and I am so appreciative of you and your amazing talent.
    ...that I still need to jump on the "Dexter" train before I tackle "Mad Men." I'm thinking I'll be able to watch some serious episodes during late night nursing sessions this summer. :)

    See you SOON! Xoxo


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